Dating Rules for Girls – Rules Not for Fools!

Why should boys have all the fun? Just like boys, girls also enjoy dating. For most of the girls, dating is all about discovering their sensual side. For a few it can be all about boosting up the confidence levels. The reason can be anything, but dating is something almost everyone does. Dating isn’t always the same person to person, but there are a few standard dating rules for girls, which although they are not law, they are very helpful to make a girl’s dating experience more pleasant.

Here are a few pointers to make your dating experience enjoyable and pleasant:

1. Your Comfort Level:

The first important criterion is about the way you feel. It is very important that you feel comfortable with the one you are going on a date with. When you are at ease, it enables you to open up and at the same time it also helps you to know him better. So, if you are comfortable, drop those inhibitions and add that extra amount of pleasure to your date.

2. Dressing up Right:

Just because you are comfortable with your date, it does not mean that you can wear just anything. Your physical appearance makes quite an impact on him. You could be everything what he has ever wanted, but remember, a neatly dressed package is always more appealing.

3. Do Not Drop Your Guard:

If you are on your first date, it is wise to not get really attached to him or to show your own vulnerabilities. Unloading emotional baggage right on the first date might either make you look weak, desperate, or just foolish. And, if the guy cannot handle it well, the date might get really awkward. So, just try to be cheerful. If all goes well, he would be all the more interested in getting to know you.

4. Be on Time:

Well, if you are still under the notion that ‘when a girl is late for a date, it makes him more interested in you’, you are absolutely wrong. Gone are those days when chivalry played a key role. These days it’s more about being punctual. If you are on time, it will definitely be well appreciated by him. And, you know what? You might score a few extra points there, especially if he values punctuality.

5. Everything but Sex:

Never ever succumb to the deep desires of the body. Plunging into his bed is not the idea of a perfect first date. And, let’s just face it, even if it is an easier way to get further dates, it won’t help in the long run. Let it happen eventually, this is one area where you are allowed to play a little hard to get.

Dating rules for girls is very simple and can keep you on the safer side. However, if you believe that rules are meant to be broken, good luck with that.

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