Have You Forgotten to Love Yourself? – Learn to Love Yourself

Everyone experiences those days when you look in the mirror and you don’t see anything you like. It is really very easy to criticize oneself. When you are constantly down on yourself, your confidence levels drop and the negative thoughts you have about yourself compound the negative emotions within.

Tips to help You Love Yourself

Here are a few simple tips that can help you accept and love yourself just the way you are:

  • Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. Try to find at least one single thing that you really like about yourself. Be it your amazing looking hair, charming smile or glowing skin, it just does not matter, anything that you find positive about you should do.
  • The next things is to hold on to this very special positive thing. Now, the next time you are thinking anything negative about yourself, stop your devils workshop right there and remind yourself that there is something that is really very nice and positive about you.
  • Try to discover other positive qualities about yourself. Be it your soft and considerate nature or that wonderful abs of yours, it just has to be positive. Now, you can use this new found positive trait of yours to cancel that uncertain negative feeling of yours.
  • Each time you discover a positive feeling about yourself treat yourself to a treat. Pamper yourself or pick up some really nice stuff. Try to create that positive attitude.
  • Where it is very easy for negative thoughts to invade one’s mind it is just as difficult to cultivate positive ones. Attempt to create a new way of thinking about yourself.. Read inspiring books, do a lot of exercises and ensure you have plenty of rest.

A tragedy or a painful event might even force you hate yourself. However, you can learn to love yourself all over again by trying to deal with the pain and confusion that resulted from the event.  Get over your fears and ill feelings, and the rest shall be a beautiful painted picture.


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