4 Tips for Flirting With Women

Flirting is the best way to find out if a woman is interested in you. Flirting can be done in a lot of ways. What matters, though, is how natural your flirting is. If you think that a simple conversation can be considered flirting, then you are totally mistaken! Flirting involves a level of decent communication which is at least a few degrees higher than your standard conversation. However, to make it a little easier for you, here are a few tips for flirting with women which can really help you get through the entire wooing and charming process.

Here are a few tips that you can follow while flirting with women:

  • Charming Smile and Sharp Eye Contact:

The first step of flirting is to establish a silent rapport. This can be done through eye contact. Start your smooth flirting process by eye contact followed by a super charming smile. If that woman also maintains eye contact with you that means that she wants to know what you would do next. Give one of your most unassuming and quick smiles. If she reciprocates with a sweet smile, break your eye contact with her just for a few seconds. After a moment, try to re-establish your eye contact and if she reciprocates again, it means that she is also interested. Is she does not, your flirting ends there.

  • Make Conversation:

If your eye contact and charming smile worked, the next step is to make a decent conversation. Do not expect her to come and do the talking. Rather, it is expected you to do the first move. If you are at the bar, you can start off by asking if you could buy her a drink. This is just one of the ways to break the ice, but nothing more than that. Respect her space; maintain a minimum of one arm’s length between the two of you. Start by introducing yourself. And make sure that you keep your hands to yourself.

  • What Can You Talk About?

A woman always loves it when she is complimented. Make sure that you do not overdo it or fake it. If you like the way she’s dressed, compliment her for that. However, do not start off complimenting on her physical looks, she might get intimidated or think you’re shallow. Start your conversation like a gentleman; women just hate it when “pick-up” lines are used. Talk about her in a non-committed way until she starts talking about you. Try to keep the conversation flowing but don’t let it get boring.

  • Have Fun and Joke Around:

Flirting with women is super easy if you know how to be funny. Being cocky and funny naturally really helps. It keeps the conversation light, gives you the liberty to tease her and get her to laugh. However, your definition of funny and being cocky can totally turn things from good to really bad. In the end, if you are able to pull off your humorous side, things can really work out. But, if it is the other way round, you might seem arrogant or even worse, you can make a total fool of yourself. So, you better censor your humor and keep her happy.

For a few men, flirting comes naturally and for the rest, it is all about trial and error method. Like they say ‘practice makes perfect’. Even flirting requires practice; it is okay if you fail once in a while. But, in the end, you sure shall succeed at least once while you are flirting with women.

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