How to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend

Well, if you think boys are always the cheaters but not girls, then you might have to give it a second thought. Do not always go by the girl’s innocent ‘Bambi-eyed’ look. According to the changing times, the rules of faithfulness are also changing drastically. Cheating has never been acceptable. It is unacceptable, as it is a powerful way to hurt your partner. It can be very easy or very complicated to catch a cheating girlfriend. The worst part about cheating is that, be it pure love or simple physical attraction, it hurts like hell! If you do not want to be burned like that, you must first determine if she’s betraying you or not.

Here are a few simple ways to help you get through the thick and thin of your girlfriend cheating activities:

1. Trust Your Intuition:

You know, the heart has a very weird way of worrying. When you know your partner is slipping away from you, your heart gives you this uncontrollable sorrow. So, if you begin to get a wind of your girlfriend’s activities, and you are not quite sure if you can really pin point if she is cheating on you, this is when the intuition comes in. Believing what you want to believe is different from believing what your heart’s inner feelings really are. So, go with your gut feeling.

2. Be Observant:

You are not being this super suspicious boyfriend just by observing your girlfriend’s activities. At times, it is better to be sure before confronting. Maintain a journal, and in that write down all of your girlfriend’s activities. Listing down her day-to-day actions might give you a better insight about any real variations in her behaviors over time.

3. Note Her Behavior Towards You:

The easiest way to know if your girlfriend has lost interest in you is through her behavior towards you. She does not seem to reciprocate to your kisses or touch, or maybe she seems to be super busy instead of spending time with you. She changes a very important thing about her life, and does not even bother to mention it to you, let alone discussing it with you! These acts of hers will surely bother you; do not ignore these signs because even if she isn’t cheating, there are problems.

4. Take help From Friends:

When you are in trouble, what are friends for? However, if your friends see or hear something, it is not that likely that they might come and tell, as they would not like to hurt you. But make sure that you let them know that you want them to be honest about this. If they happen to see your girl with another guy, do not jump to conclusions right away. Keep investigating thoroughly until and unless you are absolutely sure.

5. Choose Your Time for Confronting:

Once you have collected all your facts and are really sure that you have caught your cheating girlfriend, it is time for confrontation. It is very likely that she will try to give decent explanations for all of her doings, so don’t get carried away.

Play all your cards out one by one so she can’t just write them all off or feel attacked. Listen to what she has to say in the end, keep all the things in mind, and come to a rational decision. If you do catch your cheating girlfriend but are still confused as to how to go about things, take some time off and think things over. Come to a decision that is best for both you and your relationship. Once the trust is broken, it is very difficult to build it back.

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