Top 15 Unique and Creative Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

I love you.

These are the magical three words. Mother Theresa once said, “The biggest disease that one can ever suffer from is when they are not being loved.” Life just cannot be imagined without love. Love is the highest degree of expression. And when you are in love, everything feels wonderful. Love comes in different forms, and it is not necessary that you have to express it only through words. They say you come alone and go alone, but what keeps us going on this planet Earth is that one particular special person’s undivided attention and love. So if you are in love or already have a very dear one and would like to show your feeling to them, here are 15 ways to make your confession all the more special.

Here is a list of 15 unique and creative ways of showing your love:

1. Put-My-Heart-Together:

This is a very cute way to express your precious emotions to your partner. Basically, this is a heart shaped jigsaw puzzle. Draw a reasonable heart shape, and cut it into 7 pieces. Now, take 6 cut pieces and put them in a nice holder, keep the 7th piece which is the piece that is the centre of the heart with you. Next, give the 6 piece holder to your partner and ask him/her to put all the pieces together. Once your partner is done putting all of them together, he/she would realize that one of the pieces is missing. This is the time when you have to take that 7th piece out, put it in the middle of the incomplete heart and say ‘You complete my heart, I love you’.

2. Confess on The Radio:

If your lover is a huge fan of any of the radio shows, you can consider making him/her special by expressing your love on their favorite show. Send a short cute message like ‘Tracy, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You make me want to love you, you make me want to be there for you and you make me want to surrender my soul. Love you, baby. Justin’. Your partner is sure to love this dedication.

3. Spice it Up with Candles:

For some weird reason, candles have always been associated with love and romance. Boys may not be really fond of them, but girls sure do. Choose a nice romantic area, place a lot of candles at all the corners of the room, preferably scented. Play your most favorite romantic songs, or songs that you have dedicated to each other. In the middle of the room, arrange for a sweet, tiny table for two so that you can have your meal there. Once you are done eating, arrange for a cake which says ‘I love you’.

4. Star It Up:

This is a really unique, cute and totally inexpensive way of expressing your love. If you have access to your lovers apartment or room, sneak into his/her room and stick up glow in the dark stars onto the ceiling. However, here is the catch, instead of sticking them up waywardly, arrange the stars in such a way that they spell ‘I love you’, or you can also arrange them in the shape of a heart. When your partner is going to switch off the lights and sees the glowing stars, he/she is sure going to be surprised and happy.

5. Love Hunt:

This sure is a creative way to make your partner feel special and tired. Like a scavenger hunt, love hunt involves clues. Choose a location, it could be a mall, at your home, or it could be a street. Just use your creativity. Now, the next step is to prepare your clues which are to be written on a placard. For example, if one of your partner’s favorite places is ‘Cold Stone Ice Cream’ you can probably make a clue out of it. When you personalize the clues, it gets all the more interesting. You can make it special by giving gifts for deciphering each clue. When your partner finally gets to the main location, you can make it precious by planning a nice romantic dinner for two, during which you can say the magical words ‘I love you’.

6. Post-it-All-Over:

If you have the opportunity, write ‘I love you’ on small post-it notes or a write pad and stick them all over your partner’s desk, bedroom, fridge, wardrobe, car windows or even bathroom mirror. Put them anywhere it is sure to get your partner’s attention.

7. Write it on the Steps:

If your partner has the habit of taking the stairs in your locality, you can make his/her flight of stairs wonderful by drawing cute, visible hearts on each step. Take a colored chalk and wet it. Draw a heart on each step and write your names in the middle of the heart, or something like ‘Tracy loves Justin’, or ‘Justin, you are the one for me’. When your partner takes the stairs, he/she would surely be elated when he/she sees it.

8. Just Say It:

Sometimes, you do not have to do anything in specific to show your love. Whenever you feel like, just show it. You are walking on the beach, whisper it in his/her ear. You are very close in the train, take this opportunity to just say ‘Baby, you are beautiful/handsome and I love you’ and give them a small peck on the lips. Each time you get a chance, just say it.

9. Show Your Charming Singing Skills:

Women just love it when a man does the unexpected. And, what better a way is there to sing and confess it! Pick a romantic song which has the three magical words and sing it him/her. The most famous song to date has always been the classic ‘Nothings gonna change my love for you…I love you’.

10. Get Their Attention:

I’m sure your sweetheart loves reading a particular column in the newspaper or magazine. Now, what you need to do is, get hold of that particular newspaper of magazine even before he/she reads it. Find that one particular page that they like. And, on this page, take a nice piece of paper and write ‘I love you’ on it and stick it on the page. Do not forget to mention your name to make sure there’s no confusion.

11. Make Use of The Sand or Snow:

This is a very adorable way to express your love. When you are at the beach or in the snow, simply carve ‘I love you’ there. To add that special touch to it, you can say ‘Even though these wonderful words might get washed away/melt, my love for you is eternal’.

12. Mow It In Your Lawn:

You know, you can make it very amazing by mowing the three words ‘I love you’ into your backyard. It takes a lot of hard work, but it is totally worth it.

13. Mark It on the Rocks:

If you know the route that your sweetheart takes everyday to work or school, all you need to do is walk or drive through the route and find a few obvious spots. Now, at each of these obvious spots, either at night or early in the morning, go to these spots and write or chalk out a short sweet message in very large letters, something like ‘Have a wonderful day at work/school, Tracy. Love you – Justin’. Make sure that you wash it off the next day.

14. Foot Prints:

Without your partner’s notice, take his/her foot size. Now, if your partner is say 24 years old, make 24 foot prints of his/her foot size and place them starting from your bedroom door to the hall or the other way round. Once you get to the main area, make a square by placing roses on the floor. In this square, arrange for a nice candle light dinner along with wine. And, at this particular magical moment you can express your love to them, probably by even making love.

15. Love through Cookies:

Okay! Before you start wondering, all you need to do is make heart shaped cookies. On each of cookies write each letter so that way you will have 8 cookies which have the letters that spell ‘I love you’ on them. You can either simply surprise them by packing if for lunch or simple hand it to them.

Whoever you are doing these things for are very lucky indeed.

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  1. Alright, so I met this amazing guy about 2.5 weeks ago and ever since then we’ve basically hung out/gone on dates everyday since then. He’s a great guy, he’s a professional dance instructor, he’s romantic, intelligent, successful, driven, very nice etc. The issue though, college just ended for the summer (I’m 19, he’s 21) and we’re from different states (they’re neighboring though) and he has admitted to me that he’s still not ever his ex so he doesn’t want to start anything with me until he is.

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