6 Tips to Impress a Girl on a First Date

First impressions might not always be the best of impressions. There’s no magic rule to automatically impress every girl. Be it your innocent, cute look or your amazing chivalry, or a wonderful date planned by you, the reason for them getting impressed could be anything. However, with all this uncertainty around, with just keeping a few basic tips in mind your chances to impress a girl on first date can be higher.

Here are a few simple tips to make it all the more easier for you to impress your girl:

  • Get Your Look Right:

Make sure you clean up well for your first date. Girls will always check out their date right from head to toe. If you dress up appropriately, you can surely score at least half of your points here! If you are taking your date out to a nice restaurant, wear a nice shirt and pants, with decent shoes. If you do not have the appropriate dress, either borrow or buy one.

  • Being Smelly and Sweaty Won’t Do:

Imagine your date being smelly? How disgusting would that be? Well, the same thing goes for you too. Make sure you wear a decent amount of cologne. Girls just love boys who smell amazing.

  • Chivalry is the Word!

Girls really love it when there are oodles of chivalry. So, make sure you put on that charm of yours by opening the car door or any other door you come across, and pull out the chair for her. Just show your charm wherever possible. Treat her like a special daisy, and she would surely love it.

  • Choose the Right Place:

Take your date to a place where you can easily talk to each other and get to know each other well. Also, while choosing the place, keep your date’s interests in mind.

  • Just be Yourself:

It is very important that you show yourself just the way you normally are. Pretences always lead to awkward dates. Trying to be someone whom you are actually not, is sure not going to work out. So, just be yourself, relax and enjoy your date.

  • Show Interest:

Now, when we say show interest it does not mean you show it in the wrong way! Get to know your girl better, listen to what she has got to say. Be a gentleman. Who knows, your date might actually want to consider going on a second date? If that really happens, there you go!

Impressing a girl on the first date might not be as difficult as it may sound. But once you have the ball in your court, the game gets easier.

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