How to tell if a Girl likes you in High school

For a guy, to read a girl’s love signals can be very complicated. Not all girls have the knack to make things super obvious. And, unfortunately, guys don’t really have the gift of deciphering these signals. However, with a few easy signals, it is very easy to tell if a girl likes you in high school.

3 Signs that a Girl Likes You

Here are a few signs which most probably make it very obvious that a girl likes you in high school:

1. Body Language:

The first and a very obvious sign of attraction is definitely ‘body language’. If your high school girl stands next to you much closer than she usually does near other guys, smiles and giggles when you are around, touches your gently more than often, and makes frequent eye contact, then there is high probability that she likes you. A very important aspect of observing a girl’s body language is to first get to know how she acts around other guys. Few girls are born flirts, and a few are genuinely affectionate.

2. Change in Behavior:

If your girl happens to be a little nervous around you, then this sure could be another sign that she might like you. She could be very confident and cool in general, but when you are around, she is all shy and acts very awkward, especially when she is talking to you. Or, it could be just the opposite! She can be very talkative with you, and reasonably quiet with others. Any possible changes in behavior could be an indication that she likes you.

3. Warm and Kind Words:

If your high school girl is very friendly with you, or keeps giving you a lot of compliments, it is very much likely that she is a little interested in you. However, there are a few girls who are genuinely very outgoing, friendly, and could go probably come out of their way to say wonderful things to those whom they like. Observe her actions. If she is friendly with others, but extra friendly with you, she might be attracted to you.

When it comes to girls, it is all about reading between the lines! With these 3 simple signs, it is easy to tell if a girl likes you in your high school.

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