How to Break Up with your Girlfriend without Hurting her

As of late, things might just don’t seem to be working out well between you and your no-longer-appealing girlfriend, and you are considering coming out of it. Unfortunately, when you love someone, even if you want to break it off, you might still have a soft spot for them. If you can no longer take it, you can break up with your girlfriend without hurting her just by keeping these few simple tips in mind.

Tips for Breaking up without Hurting Your Girlfriend

Here are a few simple tips to make your break-up process a little easy on the heart:

  • Until and unless you are not absolutely sure of breaking things off, it is advised that you do not get into this breaking up business. You sure so not want to get things messy right? If you are not sure now, and you end up breaking up with your sweetheart, and later on when you realize that you still want to be with her, it can be way too late to get back. So, the point is, make up your mind first.
  • So, you want to break up, but you are having a hard time in deciding. And, you end up discussing it with a friend, who unfortunately, reveals it to your girl. Well, you sure are busted! Make sure that your girlfriend does not even get a wind of it through a third party.  Keep it to yourself, since you are the only one who can decide.
  • Never break up over the phone, or over text or email. That can be the worst thing that can ever happen to a girl. This will break her heart, and things can get a little awkward and ugly.
  • Breaking up with a clear mind is always better. Talk about all your differences, and if possible give her the reason for breaking up, or give a hint as to why you want to opt out of the relationship.
  • Keep the conversation as short as possible.
  • If your girl asks you any questions like how long you have wanted to break up, or why you want to actually break up with her. For these, try to give her a decent explanation.
  • Do not melt when you see her Bambi eyes and tears. She might want to change things, but, you better be strong. It is for your own good, and in a way, good for her too.

Well, breaking up with your girlfriend without hurting her might not be as simple as it may sound. Break ups are always painful, no matter what. In the end, what matters is how you take it.

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