5 Tips on Attracting Women

Well, once you learn how, attracting women is not as complicated as rocket science! All you need to do is put in a conscious effort and look into a few basic things. Women are very vulnerable to a few things. If you know how to make use of it, you can be the next big babe magnet! If you want to get there, follow these tips of attracting women.

Follow these simple tips to attract women:

The Confident Man:

Women just love it when men are very confident and assertive. However, there is a hell of a lot of difference between being confident and arrogant. However, in a few circumstances, it is okay to be a little arrogant. When you are confident, it shows that you have faith in yourself and can think things in a better perspective. And, when a man has a firm head on his shoulders, what woman will not like it?

Put On Your Charm:

Being charismatic is certainly very important. Well, not all men have the art of being super charming. For a few it comes naturally, and the rest have to work on it. You can be charismatic by being sensitive to people’s emotions, have a sexy body language, do and speak things with conviction, treat women the way they like to be treated, and, most importantly, never speak without thinking! You do not want to make a fool of yourself, do you?

Well Groomed:

Women don’t just give importance to what’s in the head, they are also bothered about the looks and the way a man carries himself. And, the basic of personal care is to be well groomed. If you are an amazing dresser, then perfect! But, if you aren’t, make sure that you find out how. Make yourself look a little decent and presentable. Follow all the basics of personal hygiene.


While you are talking to a woman, make sure that it is not a one way conversation. If she is talking, be attentive and listen to her. And, it is not just about listening but also reciprocating! They score 50-50. Show her that you want to get to know more about her, and she will totally love it. When she is talking and you are participating, it will show her that you are interested and she will like you for that.

The Social Guy:

Women like it when men easily mix into their circle of friends. If a woman’s friend gives her approval, then this could be the most significant approval that she can ever get. Unfortunately, if you are not really popular with her friends, chances are that she might dump you.

If you put all these five tips together, you can be amazing at attracting women. These five tips on attracting women will surely come in hand.

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