First Kiss Tips for Girls

For every girl, the first kiss is always very special and precious. It is the most cherished experience ever!  However, if things do not go the right way, it could leave a lifelong scar, and trust me, you do not want that. To make your once-in-a-lifetime first kiss all the more special, here are a few simple tips girls should follow.

Simple First Kiss Tips

Follow these simple tips as you experience your first kiss:

  • First, mentally prepare yourself for the kiss. When you know it is time, make sure that you have fresh breath and soft lips. Prepare yourself by popping in a few mints or gum. Apply chapstick to your lips so that they are soft and irresistible.
  • This second tip may seem weird, but most girls have their very own fantasy about the perfect spot where they want their first kiss to take place. So, if you have a tiny first kiss fantasy of your own, make sure that either your boyfriend or you arrange for your fantasy to come true. Kissing at your favorite place might make you feel more comfortable, and at the same time, assure you that this is the perfect time to kiss.
  • Wait for that perfect kissable moment.  Do not rush into it; just allow it to happen. The moment could be either after your guy has shared something really special with you, or he has done something thoughtful for you. Whatever the situation may be, you will know when the right time comes.
  • When you are going to kiss your boyfriend, make sure you maintain eye contact with him. This will give him the signal that something special is going to happen between the two of you. Move closer to him and if you want to, you can close your eyes.
  • If you want to take the initiative and kiss him, lean towards your boyfriend and maintain a little space between his lips and yours. Allow your guy to close the remaining space between the two of you. This way, you know that your boyfriend is interested in kissing you too. Reverse the roles if your guy makes the first move.

These are a few first kiss tips for girls which can come in handy. Remember, to be a good kisser, you have to master the technique of kissing, so don’t just stop at your first kiss. The more the kisses, the more you can enjoy.

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