Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Dating is bliss for both guys and girls. Unfortunately, not all guys are blessed with amazing dating skills. One reason for this lack of skills could be because you’re a ‘shy guy.’ If something does not come naturally to you, you take the time to learn it. Well, the same goes with dating. So to make it a little easier, here are a few dating tips for all you shy guys out there. Face your so-called shyness and go have fun!

Tips for Shy Guys While Dating

Follow these simple tips to make your dating experience smooth.

Shyness is Hot:

Well, in a way it is. For some inexplicable reason, some girls find shy guys to be very cute and adorable. So in a way you can be glad about your amazing shy quality. Instead of getting rid of it, use it and make it your best secret weapon. Girls just love it when a guy is shy; it builds some mystery about you. This will force them to want get to know more about you. Being shy is definitely good for you when it comes to girls.

Be Approachable:

Just because you are shy, it doesn’t mean that you are not approachable. Well, you know this, but women don’t. You can change this by smiling before or while you are talking to a girl. Also, keep the conversation very light and friendly initially. Once you establish a good rapport with her, you can start talking a little more freely.

Just Get to Know Her:

The mantra of any successful relationship is not to rush into things. When you meet a girl, try not to make up your mind that she could be The One. After just one instant, you might like her in a million ways, but hold on and make friends with her and get to know her first. Just be casual and have fun. Once the two of you are comfortable with each other, you can let your guard down and can consider taking things to the next level.

Be Yourself:

No matter what, never be pretentious. Things can get ugly if you are not being yourself with that potential girlfriend. Be straight forward, speak your mind, and don’t hesitate to show those traits that you are embarrassed about. This is the way you are and you have to be accepted the way you are, flaws and all.

Shy Away From Your Inhibitions:

The next time you meet a girl who you find interesting, make sure that you gather all your courage, take a step, and go talk to her. Don’t be afraid.  If you shy away, you will never know what could have been. You could just lose an opportunity to meet a potential girlfriend, right? Just face your fears; you might actually be surprised by the outcome.

These are a few dating tips for shy guys that can really help things work between you and a potential love interest.

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