Top 5 Flirting Tips for Guys

Flirting is an art. And for some, it just comes naturally. It should not be a chore, it should happen naturally. Unfortunately for most guys, flirting seems to be a difficult task. The moment when an opportunity arises, most guys tend to freeze up thinking they have to use a cheesy pick-up line to get that charming girl’s attention. There is one simple rule to flirting: just be yourself and relax. To make it a little easier, here are a few flirting tips for guys.

Tips for Flirting

Follow these simple flirting tips when you approach a girl.

Skip the Pickup Lines:

To tell the truth, pickup lines are really cliché and are a turn-off to most women. So only use one if you know for sure it will work. The better way to start is by simply talking to her. Try to start with a casual conversation about something you think the two of you may have in common, like her pet dog, a book she’s reading, or the drink she’s drinking, and let the conversation flow from there.

Eye Contact:

When you are talking to a girl or a woman, it is very important that you look into her eyes. Always pay attention to everything she says, even if it doesn’t interest you. However, make sure you do not overdo it; she will know if your interest is insincere. But make sure you pay attention and please respond when you are expected to during the conversation.

Be Polite and Gentle:

Being courteous will definitely score you some extra points. Unfortunately, common courtesy has totally taken a back seat and is almost out of style. But girls love it and will definitely react positively to it. Chivalry will take you far. So the next time you are with a girl, make sure you pull out her chair for her, open the door for her, and offer to buy her a drink or dinner. You will realize that these gestures are very rewarding in the long run.

Subtle Touch:

When I say touch, I don’t mean in a sexual way. The beauty of a non-sexual touch is that you will know if she likes you and is comfortable with you by the way she responds. When you are at a party, touch her arm very gently, hold hands, or place your hand on her waist while you are walking into a crowded room.

Smile – It Costs Nothing:

A simple smile is very welcoming. She will feel relaxed, and the more relaxed she feels, the more open and friendly she’ll be. Relax, make jokes, and remember to smile.  She will appreciate your sense of humor and how nice you are.

These few flirting tips for guys will definitely come in handy.

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