Aries Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

Aries men and Virgo women make a very unusual and exciting partnership that has strong complementing personalities and skills. Initially, this combination may not be smooth or easy; but if a little effort is put in, the relationship can be amazing. The temperaments of both the signs are completely opposite. The Aries man is aggressive and impulsive, and the Virgo woman is practical, conservative and a little timid at times.

However, the bright side is, both the signs are sensitive, It is more of an intellectual sensitivity than  an emotional one that makes it easier for the man and woman to relate better  to each other, appreciate one another, and be able to fix any kind of relationship damage.

An Aries man has a very passionate but aggressive temperament and has very little tolerance for boredom or details. He loves being in control. The Virgo woman prefers taking a back seat and loves acting behind-the-scenes and focusing her attention to minute details and efficiency. jJust the opposite of Aries, she loves everything that most Aries men hate.

The important thing is that if the Aries man and Virgo woman stay on the same page, they could be a perfect combination.

Aries Man and Virgo Woman Sex

Of all signs, Virgos are usually considered as the least sexual of the signs. It has been observed that most of the Virgo women do not like getting too vulgar or emotional. They have the uncontrollable urge to monitor and censor themselves.
Virgos actually do not mind a confident lover to initiate things and take things under control. Since Aries men definitely do not have a problem in this area, the liaison can be smooth. To make a Virgo woman feel less inhibited, it is important that the Aries man makes her feel like an innocent bystander because it is too much to expect a Virgo woman to take the initiative. The key here is to not make her feel self-conscious. If the Aries man starts, things will automatically fall into place.

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