Dating Rules for Guys

Dating is a very wonderful phase. While dating, if guys follow a few simple rules, the entire dating experience will be much more enjoyable and memorable. When dating, most of the girls expect their guys to be a little chivalrous. From putting on decent attire, making proper arrangements, and saying the right things, dating rules for guys is all about making the right moves. If you want to have a non-controversial and pleasant dating experience, just follow these simple rules.

Top 6 Dating Rules for Guys

Follow these simple rules to have a wonderful dating experience::

1. Decent Attire:

For most of girls, the way a guy dresses up for a date is very important, so drop those gym pants and sweat shirt. Clean up and put on decent attire. It is very easy for girls to size you up just by the way you dress, so, you better watch what you wear.

2. Watch Your Compliments:

Of course, girls like being flattered with compliments, but only to a point. where it seems genuine and realistic. If you add detail to your compliment, you might earn a few extra points. For instance, if you say ‘you look amazing’, add something else to the compliment like ‘ your shoes are really pretty’.

3. Do What You Say:

Unfortunately, most girls will pay attention to each and every word that you say. One of the most important dating rules for guys is that if you say you will do something, make sure you do that! If you tell her you are going to call her, call her! Like they say ‘Actions speak louder than words’, so you better follow the principle. If you don’t treat her the way you promised you would, you will be considered a jerk and will be treated like one too.

4. Be Sincere:

No girl likes being showered with fake compliments; and the worst part is, she will easily know when you are being false. Make sure you are sincere with everything you say or do.

5. Be Considerate:

When you are going out on a date, it is important that you keep your date well-informed about a few things. For instance, f you are going to be late, make sure you let her know. Things might get ugly if she gets stood up.

6. Be Yourself:

Plain and simple is the key for a pleasant date. Do not go overboard and try to impress her: no talk about “big bucks” or fast cars. Keep it subtle.

With these simple dating rules for guys, it is very easy to have a wonderful dating experience.

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