Top 6 Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

Well, it is not always the man who cheats in a relationship – women cheat too! However, the reason for her changing loyalties can be vague. The reasons are quite many, but the strange thing about relationships is that whenever a partner is cheating, the significant other partner will sense it somehow. With these few signs of a cheating girlfriend, you can easily come to know if your apprehensions are true or not:

Top 6 Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

1. Change in Appearance:

When a girl is cheating, the first very clear sign is her change in appearance. If you suddenly find your girl dressing up differently, pays more attention to the way she looks. Then this could possibly be a sign. If you observe the same behavior for a few times, then it is quite possible that she is trying to please someone else.

2. Avoids Intimacy:

A deceiving girlfriend will always try to avoid getting intimate. Without any medical reason, if she has been avoiding getting intimate with you for a while, then it is quite possible that she is cheating on you.

3. Secret Call:

Another clear sign of cheating is when your girlfriend avoids to pick up a few calls in front of you. If you find her whispering over the phone a couple of times, it could be another indication as well.

4. Change in Her Schedule:

If you notice that your girlfriend leaves home early or comes back a little late, things might be a little fishy. Another indicator is if she says she is going out with her friends and is going late at night; and if she never bothers to tell you about the night out, you might need to do some serious thinking.

5. Change in Her Internet Usage:

If you often find her online, and you suspect that she is up to something but will try to hide it from you, and if she tries to block you on social networking sites, then it is very much possible that she is cheating on you.

6. Problems in your Relationship:

At times, men get so busy with their work that they do not really get any time to communicate with their partners, so check if there has been any communication gap in your relationship. This is usually one of the major signs that a partner would wish to seek attention elsewhere.

These are the basic signs of a cheating girlfriend. If at least three out of six signs come true in your case, then it is quite possible that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

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