Signs that a Taurus Man Likes You

If you are craving for a smart ‘prince charming’ and a perfect fairy tale kind of love story; then ladies, choose a Taurus man, and your wish shall come true! Taurus is the most loving of the signs. A Taurus man is certainly for keeps as he would look after you well and will cherish you for life. However, understanding a Taurus man is not as easy as it might seem. They are very sensible, sportive and down to earth. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for this guy to open up, but a few signs can indicate that a Taurus man certainly likes you.

Elusive Signs That a Taurus Man Likes You

Here are a few simple and subtle signs that a Taurus man might like you:

  • When it comes to expressing, he can be very slow – probably slower than a tortoise! He might not share things with you straight; but when he is around, he might fidget with an object that is around you. However, the good news is, he is just slow but definitely not shy. Be a little patient. Once he makes up his mind that you are ‘the One’ for him, he will make it very obvious.
  • They perfectly understand the importance of ‘touch’, and they tend to get touchy with the one they like. Just to let you know, his casual touching is not meant to be sleazy. A Taurus man won’t ever be sleazy and cheap. In his own classy way, he would find ways to subtly touch you. He just loves touching you, especially on the neck. If you are comfortable with the touch-touch part, just go along with it.
  • Another obvious sign that he likes you is that you will get to see way too much of him. All he needs is a little reason to spend some quality time with you, so if you get to see him a lot, it is quite possible that he might be interested in you.

Not-So-Subtle Signs That a Taurus Man Likes You

Here are a few sure-shot signs that a Taurus man likes you:

  • A Taurus man is a total romantic at heart. He has his own unique way of showing his interest. If you are getting a lot of gifts which include scented candles, flowers and trinkets, then your Taurus man sure does like you! The best part about having a Taurus man is that he would take you shopping and buy you things, which makes this man every woman’s dream.
  • He is super cute when he tries to impress. He shows his affection in the most unusual way. He will offer to do a few things for you. If he is at home, he will offer to do your dishes or even mow your law. If he does any of this, it is sure that your Taurus man likes you.
  • A Taurus man can be very possessive about his woman. He will ask you a zillion questions like “where have you been?” “What did you eat?” “Who were you with?” And other silly questions. Do not be put off by this nature of his. It is just his own way of trying to mark his territory. If you are experiencing this with your Taurus man, then this is definitely a very sure sign that he is into you.

It is very rare to find men who are sensitive to your basic needs and are protective about you, but most of the Taurus men are like that. If there are signs that a Taurus man likes you, make sure you do not let go of him. He is a very priceless possession. He will definitely keep you happy.

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