Second Date Tips for Men

Does just knowing the name of your date, her address, her interests and discussing a few simple things enable you to judge her? I don’t think so! Women are so complicated that even if you go on 50 dates, you can still not know them enough. Well, criticism aside, if you go on a first date with a woman and you like her, you should definitely try for a second date. Unfortunately, not all men are good at following through on the dating business. So here are a few second date tips for men that might come in handy.

7 Basic Second Date Tips for Men

  • Show Interest and Take Initiative

If you want to create interest with the ladies, make sure you behave like a man and take the initiative. In short, be at your chivalrous best. Women love it when the man takes things into his own hands and makes the first move.

  • Choose an Interesting Place

You can earn extra points if you make an effort to suggest interesting places to meet up. Instead of deciding on the place alone, make sure you give your woman a few choices, so she can choose one of them. Women find it exciting when they are given options. And don’t forget to be a gentleman: pick her up and drop her off. You will definitely earn her attention and a little bit of respect.

  • Communicate about the Date

At least three days before the day, make sure you inform her about the date and set it up. And at this point, it’s better to stick to being sober. Try not to flirt too much. Just stick to the activity of the day. You don’t want to be judged, do you?

  • Maintain your Distance

A second date does not give you a license to get cozy with her. Keep your hands to yourself. But make sure you compliment her clothes and looks. If your date is okay with it, you can try giving her a small peck on the cheek. She might like it, in fact.

  • Be Honest

Every relationship calls out for ‘honesty.’ It’s a universal truth that in relationships, ‘honesty is the best policy.’ It’s not easy to earn a woman’s trust, but when you earn it the right way, it will be the most prized acquisition you’ve ever made.

  • Treat Her like a Princess

I don’t mean that literally. Just make sure you treat her in a way that makes her feel special. Buy her flowers, give her a box of chocolates or pick up a small bracelet. These simple gestures will surely impress her. However, don’t overdo it. You don’t want to give her a desperate impression, right?

  • Be Yourself

Show her who you are, just the way you see yourself. Try to be expressive and genuine. Pretension will not take you far, but genuineness and honesty will take you a long way.

These are the basic second date tips for men. If you stick to these simple tips, you’ll have a wonderful, smooth sailing, second date experience.


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