The Pros and Cons of Kissing on the First Date

First dates or first meetings are always stressful. A few experts believe that a kiss on the very first date is actually good, as it gives an idea about the person’s bedroom capabilities. On the other hand, other experts think that a first date kiss can actually build extra tension and stress, and at that moment, additional stress is not what you need! But in the end, how you take it depends totally on you. So here are the pros and cons of kissing on the first date.

Pros of Kissing on the First Date

  • If you’re someone who puts more importance on physical chemistry in a relationship, then it could be a good idea to kiss on the first date. It’ll give an idea about your potential partner’s bedroom capabilities. It can help you figure out if you’ll be sexually compatible with this person.
  • For a woman, with a first date smooch, it’s very easy to know how selfish or self-absorbed a man is. Does he stop the moment you ask him to? Or does he go over the line? Depending on the reaction, it’s very easy for a woman to weed out all those losers who are only looking to have some fun.
  • For a man, a kiss tells him how loose a woman can be. If she willingly jumps to the occasion, and pops the line ‘this is not me, I don’t usually do this,’ then you might want to take it slow.
  • An amazing kiss on the first date can leave a woman or man with something to think about. If they like it, they might want to go on a second date. If you are able to create that excitement in them, then this could be an advantage for you. On the next date, have them desperately panting for you.

Cons of Kissing on the First Date

  • Well, most of the time, kissing can lead to getting into your partner’s pants. One moment you are kissing, and the next thing you know you’re humping! This is surely a bad idea. If you’re looking for something meaningful, this one step can totally screw things up. Succumbing to the heat might lead to regret later on. So just stick to small pecks. Play it safe. Before you get into bed with your partner, make sure you take things slow.
  • First date kisses can totally go wrong. Even if you’re a skilled kisser, you can still end up messing things up. Out of the two, at least one person is usually nervous on the first date. So relax, check if it’s appropriate to kiss this person on your very first date. Until and unless you are confident, please don’t go ahead. A bad kiss can totally put off that person, and you might lose your chances of a second date.
  • Have you thought about possible infections? You never know where your date’s mouth could have been. You can get STDs on or in your mouth. Imagine herpes on your mouth. It’s definitely not a pretty sight. So watch out.

So the next time you’re on a date, consider all your options, and then decide if kissing on the first date is appropriate for you at that moment.

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