How to Impress a Girl you Like

So, you’re really fond of this girl, and each time she’s around, you’re totally dumbfounded. You might find it a little tricky to impress this girl, but here’s some news: once you know the trick, it’s really not that difficult to please a girl. To impress a girl you like, you don’t have to have a huge pocket, sport lovely clothes or shower her with expensive gifts. All you need do is to be genuine, understand her and be there for her.

6 Tips for Impressing a Girl You Like


Before you approach this girl, observe her. Get to know what kind of a person she is. Try to know the ins and outs of her. What kind of clothes does she like? What interests her? What does she get impressed with? And, most importantly, get to know what kind of relationship she’s looking for. Once you get to know this, you’ll have a decent idea as to what she’s like and what she expects in a relationship. However, you don’t have to put in a special effort to be everything she wants. Stick to being yourself, but add these extra details in between when you meet her.


Every girl or woman calls for respect. So make sure you give her that, in abundance! Make sure you don’t treat her like an object. That will totally turn her off. Make her feel equal. Show her that you like her and are interested in her for who she is. If you show her respect, you might have a very good chance of going on a date with her.

Never Act Like Mr. Know-It-All

The last thing that you want to do is make her run away from you. If that’s your idea, then your ‘know-it-all’ attitude will totally work. But, we know that’s not what you want, right? Never judge a girl, and never sum her up in words. Be patient, listen to what she has to say and give your non-judgmental thoughts about it. It’s as simple as that.

Drop Hints

Let your girl know you’re interested in her. Too much is not good, so make sure you keep your hints subtle. If she likes the advances, she will find an indirect way to let you know. So keep your fingers crossed and wait for the sign. Once you get a positive signal from her, you can proceed to the next step.

Make Your Move

Once you get a positive response from her, don’t waste time. Make your move. Ask her out in the most pleasing and not-so-desperate way you can. You might be lucky.

Be Genuine

Make sure you’re genuine with her. Girls are very particular about what guys say and do. So tell, share and do things only if you mean them. If not, things might not really go well between the two of you.

With these simple tips in mind, you can easily impress a girl you like.

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