Top 5 Double Date Ideas for Teenagers

For teenagers, double dating is definitely an interesting way of easing the pressure. It provides an opportunity for them to socialize a little, while easily getting to know their partners. Instead of going for boring passive activities, choose more outdoor activities, which are ideal for double dating. To give you a start, here are a few double date ideas for teenagers.

Top 5 Good Double Date Ideas for Teenagers

1. Karaoke Night

If you and your friend are ardent music fans, and your double date partners are as well, then you should go for a fun karaoke night. You don’t have to go to a club for a karaoke night, Even a few local bistros organize these fun activities. Hit the chords, sing your heart out, challenge the couple or simply go wild!

2. Ice Skating

During winter, ice skating makes for a fun double dating activity. Just find a nearby skating rink and go have some serious fun. You could even play two-on-two ice hockey. Once you’re done, you could probably catch up for a warm cuppa.

3. Tubing

Tubing makes for a great summer activity. If you have leisure time, you can plan for fun tubing down ariver. All you need to do is inquire about the tubing routes and tube rentals at any local canoe outfitter. If you like the idea of tubing, kayaking might also interest you.

4. Music Concert

If there are any outdoor music festivals going on in your town, you can get tickets to a concert with one of your favorite bands. Although the festival might be packed with loads of performers and bands, you’ll still end up having fun. At least one of the performances might thrill some of your group. Music festivals can grow on you, so this can be one of the ideal double dates for teenagers.

5. Water Park

If you folks are adventurous types, then visiting a water park can be a perfect double date outing. It can be a mixture of everything – fun, excitement, romance, food and most of all quality time! A date at a water park might sound weird, but when you actually go there, you’ll have fun in a million ways.

Apart from these, the usual game night, bowling and movie night also make for fun double date ideas for teenagers.

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