Top 25 Sweet Things to Do for your Boyfriend

It’s really wonderful to have that special someone in your life. And a few little sweet-nothings can keep your relationship going. Unlike with boys, a girl does not have to go out of her way to please her boyfriend. A few sweet gestures is all it takes for you to please your boyfriend. So here are a few simple sweet things to do for your boyfriend.

Top 25 Sweet Things to Do for your Boyfriend

  1. When he is in the middle of something, whisper a sweet compliment in his ear, something like ‘you looking handsome today.’ It sure will bring a smile to his face.
  2. Cook his favorite meal.
  3. Kiss him in places where you know he gets tingly, be it on his lips, neck, jaw or collarbone.
  4. Remember his favorite things, and whenever you get the time, make a special effort to do at least one of them.
  5. When you mean it, tell him that you love him.
  6. Give him random gifts.
  7. Write cute notes for him and put them in places where you know for sure he’ll find them.
  8. Call him up at the middle of the day and find out how he is doing.
  9. For a change, be the man of the relationship and make him feel special by organizing a charming outing for the two of you.
  10. Compliment him on his looks.
  11. Dedicate his favorite song on the radio.
  12. When he’s stressed, give him a nice soothing massage.
  13. Give him some sexual favors. Or, if he has any fantasies, consider making them a reality. He will love it, for sure.
  14. Always listen to what he has got to say.
  15. Dress up the way he likes seeing you.
  16. While walking, put your hand in his back pocket and whisper ‘I love you.’
  17. Even if you are not into sports, try playing his favorite sport with him. Or, you can tag along with him to watch his favorite sport.
  18. Give your unconditional love. And let him know that you’re willing to give him space in this relationship.
  19. Sing him his favorite song.
  20. Keep giving him occasional surprises, like dropping in at his home with a warm breakfast.
  21. Always make your boyfriend feel special, loved and cared. He needs plenty of TLC – tender love and care.
  22. Each time you are around him, put on his favorite spray of cologne.
  23. If he is pressed for time, offer to do a few of his chores.
  24. If your guy loves public display of affection, surprise him by hugging or kissing him in public once in a while.
  25. Before you part, make sure you give him a soft, long, lingering kiss.

There are many sweet things to do for your boyfriend. You do not have to be creative or go out of your way to please him. When you are in love, doing things for your partner comes naturally.


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