Aquarius Matches – with all Sun Signs

Aquarians are one of the most erratic, interesting and brilliant people. They’re a wonderful mix of interesting personality traits. They’re perfectly capable of holding intellectual discussions relating to many topics. However, they can get a little uncomfortable when their personal feelings are discussed. Aquarians are considered born communicators. Their words convey grace, power and force. With their enthusiastic, idealistic and edgy personality, it might not be that difficult to find a match for this sign. However, here is how Aquarius matches with each zodiac sign.

Aquarius-Aries Match

People of both these signs are very independent, and are very active individuals who can appreciate dynamic and progressive approaches to a given problem or situation. The relationship is likely to be high spirited and lively. Both signs are capable of being intimate and don’t tend to have particularly traditional beliefs and values.


The relationship is quite harmonious. Aquarius and Aries appreciate each other’s emotional style and find it very easy to put up with each other.

Aquarius-Taurus Match

Taurus and Aquarius are completely opposite signs. Taurus has a very simple, down-to-earth and practical approach to life, whereas Aquarius has a very progressive, modern and unconventional approach. Both signs have very different tastes in music, literature and art, and they often have different opinions on social and political issues. Taurus has focused interests and will change them only in extreme conditions. Since both signs are stubborn, problems can arise at a drop of a hat.


There can be clashes in the relationship, as each sign finds it very difficult to understand the other’s feelings, and at the same time, they can’t share their own feelings.

Aquarius-Gemini Match

Although these signs are very different, their outlooks on life and basic goals can make them quite compatible. The intellectual rapport between the two is amazing, and there is always a spark. Both Aquarius and Gemini love spending time with each other and quite enjoy each other’s company. The beauty of this relationship is that they’re not only great lovers, but they’re perfectly capable of being wonderful friends. With common interests and viewpoints, this relationship can work out well.


The relationship is very hot. This is because both the signs share an emotional bond. At the same time, their small differences can be very exciting.

Aquarius-Cancer Match

Cancer is a more family-oriented, nostalgic and domestic sign. On the other hand, Aquarius is a very friendly sign, but is not really emotionally involved with the family. Cancer is very much a homebody and can get attached to surroundings very easily. For the Aquarius, making friends and adjusting to new surroundings comes with ease.


The relationship is a total paradox. The two signs are not well matched. Even if there’s an attraction between the two, there are a lot of adjustments that each one has to make.

Aquarius-Leo Match

Leo’s vitality and warmth draws Aquarius to Leo instantly. On the other hand, Aquarius’s intelligence and uniqueness attracts Leo. However, there are many significant differences between the two signs. The Leo sign is very self-absorbed while the Aquarius sign needs close and personal relationships. These two signs are absolutely opposite in many ways, but they can benefit from each other’s insights and attitudes.


Like they say, opposites attract! In spite of their differences, the two signs find each other very intriguing. Fascinating and frustrating at the same time.

Aquarius-Virgo Match

Both signs are believed to have a very good intellectual rapport. Virgo and Aquarius make a very good team in both intellectual and social pursuits. However, the relationship can be a little formal. Virgo is all about focusing on specific details, whereas Aquarius concentrates on the global picture. Virgo can help Aquarius apply ideas practically.


Yes there is attraction, but the relationship requires plenty of work. If there is an attraction, it can be magnetic.

Aquarius-Libra Match

The basic common thing between the two signs is that both are very active and social. Libra and Aquarius can be great friends and have a very harmonious relationship. Both signs try to live in their minds and usually prefer partners who are alive intellectually.


This relationship is like a house on fire. In spite of their differences, they get along really well and understand each other.

Aquarius-Scorpio Match

Aquarius is very cerebral and rational, whereas Scorpio is very intense, instinctive and sticks to gut feelings. Scorpios are perfectly capable of being emotionally attached to a person, whereas Aquarius is a very aloof and unemotional sign. There can be an emotional gap between both signs. With a very inflexible, opinionated and stubborn attitude from both signs, getting along can be a little difficult.


It’s nearly impossible for the two signs to be together. There are many clashes, and for a relationship to work between the two signs, you’ll need a miracle.

Aquarius-Sagittarius Match

Since the two signs are very progressive and outgoing, there is a good chance of having a relationship. Both signs have many common interests like traveling, meeting new people and keeping up to date with current fashion trends and events. The relationship is a little friendly but slightly detached. Since the two signs are very independent, the relationship can be quite interesting as the two believe in giving each other space.


Right from day one, this relationship is a go. This can be a ‘made-for-each-other’ couple.

Aquarius-Capricorn Match

Your interests and talents will complement the two of you very well. However, the problem with this relationship is that both signs are more bothered by external things than by each other. Since the two signs act a little aloof and detached from each other, the romance and domestic aspects can be a little weak.


Expressing each other’s feelings is a little difficult and understanding each other’s emotions is a little tricky. The relationship requires a bit of work.

Aquarius-Aquarius Match

The two of you are very outgoing and are very progressive. You share an amazing intellectual rapport and have basic intellectual interests in common. Though this alliance can be friendly, it might lack warmth and feelings. And you can be a little impersonal at times, making you wonder if you’re more companions than lovers.


Since you share the same sun signs, the relationship can be very intense as the two of you have similar emotional natures.

Aquarius-Pisces Match

Pisces requires more emotional closeness and affection. For Aquarius, it’s very uncomfortable to be emotional and dependent, and they are incapable of giving Pisces what they actually crave.


It is very difficult for this relationship to work out. The signs are rather mismatched.

Finally, Aquarius matches well with Gemini the best. However, with a few adjustments, a relationship can be worked out with other signs.

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