Top 5 Reasons for Breakups

Breakups are always painful. For a few, a breakup gives them relief. So depending upon the depth of your love and depending on the kind of relationship you had, the breakup can either hurt you or make you feel relieved. Well, one might say that matches are literally made in heaven. But, until you find the perfect ONE, you might be with all the wrong ones. Relationships are very complex, and classifying them is very difficult. There are many reasons for a beautiful relationship to fall apart. Here are a few top reasons for breakups.

Top 5 Reasons for Breakups

1.      Lack of Understanding Each Other

At times, we might rush into relationships without even knowing the other person well. Infatuation is good, but only in the initial stages. Once the excitement starts to fade, it might make us realize we don’t really know much about the other person. And by the time we realize it and get to know the other person, it might be too late, as you might have advanced in a few areas in the relationship. When the relationship doesn’t grow in every aspect, at some point, things will get awkward and we end up breaking up.

2.      Trust Issues

Every relationship needs three things: LOVE, TRUST and SINCERITY. When at least one of the three takes a back seat, the relationship will soon die. Sadly, every relationship hits a rough patch when it comes to the trust issues. When either partner gets guarded about his or her feelings, the bond begins to fall apart.

3.      Difference in Opinions

Another main reason for breakups is having different views, opinions and wants. It’s very common to want different things; the problem arises when both partners are stubborn and don’t budge on things. When both partners aren’t willing to compromise on most things, it’s quite natural that they would part ways.

4.      Cheating

Once one partner knows that he or she has been cheated on, things can never get back to normal. Even if the partner has a huge heart and is willing to forgive the other, at some point, the relationship will choke.

5.      Loss of Interest

Well, the relationship might have had a wonderful start. But once everything doesn’t seem as charming as it was before, things will start to get ugly. It’s not always possible to keep a relationship as fresh as a daisy. Unfortunately most couples don’t really know how to spice up things, and it eventually leads to loss of interest. And once a partner feels suffocated, he or she will start to look for love elsewhere and hence the breakup.

A relationship can fall apart for many reasons, but these five are very common reasons for the couple to part ways.

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