Top 10 Flirting Tips

These 10 flirting tips are all you need to be a pro in the field of flirting. Flirting is an art and nobody is born a flirt. Flirting is also considered a language. Like any other language, if you want to be a pro at flirting, you need to brush up on those skills. Here are a few flirting tips. If you work on them, you will soon be an expert in flirting.

Top 10 Flirting Tips

1.      Random Flirting

Flirting is not restricted to the people you know. You don’t have to choose a specific crush as your flirting target. Flirting can be absolutely random, and it’s fun that way. Flirting like that will save you a lot of embarrassment and at the same time, you’ll have enough practice and experience to be able to approach that special someone.

2.      The Entry Line

Find reasons and excuses to talk to a person. If the two of you are in the same class, come up with some weird question or talk about your assignment. Be creative, and always be prepared to give them a proper response.

3.      Eye Contact

The beauty of eye contact is that it’ll show the person you’re interested in them. You don’t want to give them the impression you are bored, right? If you feel self-conscious about looking someone in the eye, you can look at the spot right between the eyes. It’ll look like you’re making eye contact.

4.      Generous with Compliments

Everybody loves being complimented. Even a clichéd line can do the trick. Be generous with your compliments; compliment their looks, clothing style, hair style or even their smile. Compliments are definitely a fun and easy way to open up to the other person.

5.      Smile

While talking, make sure you put on one of those super sexy smiles of yours. It will make them feel like you’re enjoying their company. And if the smile is reciprocated, you know this person likes what you’re saying, too.

6.      Flirting with Body language

Flirting is not just about using the right words. It’s also about body language. Using good posture is very important while flirting. Occasional, subtle touching also works at times.

7.      Keep the Chat Light

There’s nothing like a fun interaction to get a positive response. Try to keep the conversation as light and peppy as possible. The most important flirting tip is to be open while you are talking. It’ll sure help you have better conversations in the future.

8.      Avoid the Awkward Silence

While flirting, you need to be quick. A moment of awkward silence is all you need to ruin things. So the moment you sense an awkward moment, make sure you dodge it by asking something. If you’re not quite sure what to talk about, stick to simple topics like their favorite music or book.

9.      Wrap Things Up

If you find this person interesting, then make a move to keep in touch with them. Give them your number or simply add them on Facebook. If the other person is also charmed by you, he or she will definitely follow up.If you don’t want to talk to this person anymore; you can politely find a simple excuse to go on your way.

10.  Practice

The more you flirt, the better you get at it. So to master the art of flirting, all you need to do is follow a simple formula – Practice.

These 10 flirting tips are all you need to be a pro in the field of flirting.


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