Top 5 Signs You Are Being Used

You are happy and comfortable in your relationship, but are things as rosy as they appear?  Does your beloved see the relationship the way you do? This is a hard question to answer most of the time, which is why you should look for these signs that your boyfriend or girlfriend is using you.

Top5 Signs You Are Being Used

These seemingly obvious signs can help you to realize if you are being used:

1.      Physicality Comes First

Being physically attracted to your partner is a must in any relationship.  But if it seems that your physical encounters are taking the priority in your time spent together, this is definitely a yellow flag. Relationships are about getting to know each other and enjoying one another, both physically and mentally.  If you don’t have both of these components in your relationship, then you should examine why.

2.      They Are More into your Friends than You

Have you ever taken your boyfriend or girlfriend to a party and once there, they barely acknowledge that you exist?  If so, you partner may be more interested in mingling with your friends than or they could be interested in a friend of yours more than in you.

3.      Pressure To Become Intimate

If you do not want to get too physically involved, it is important that you make things clear with your significant other from the beginning. In a committed relationship your partner will respect your wishes and not pressure you.

4.      You are Always the Giver and Never the Receiver

When you go to dinner and you end up paying the whole bill- all the time.  He/she takes your stuff but never returns it back, or perhaps they ask for favors but never do any for you. There is no point in being in a relationship when you are not being respected.

5.      You are not the Official Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Being considered the proper boyfriend or girlfriend is an important acknowledgement in any relationship. If you partners Facebook status remains as single, then it is very likely that he/she is not really ready for an emotional commitment.

These are the five signs your boyfriend or girlfriend is using you. If any one of these signs ring true to you, you are being used by your guy or girl. Dump the loser!

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