Top 5 Fun Date Ideas for Married Couples

Getting married doesn’t mean that you stop dating. In fact, it can help keep your marriage fresh and exciting. It makes you remember the novelty of your love and appreciate how special it is. In an effort to help you with this, here are a few fun date ideas for married couples in 5 categories. They will allow you to reconnect and remind you of what it is that brought you together in the first place.

1.      Outdoor date ideas

Outdoor activities open the door to countless possibilities of play which is a good form of exercise and indulges the kid within. They include bike riding, or taking the car or motorcycle out for a drive. You can pull over along the way and have a picnic, or just take in the scenery.  Alternatively, you can try out your shooting skills at a target range, or have a snow ball fight, go hiking, or go fishing.

2.      Indoor date ideas

Conversely there are many great indoor activities you can engage in as well. These include playing mini golf or heading out to a bar or club to go dancing or play some pool.  You can even find a local karaoke night and do some duets, go to a play or even check out a museum or gallery.

3.      Budget date ideas

In this tough economy, finding some outings that are easy on the wallet are often ideal.  The great news is that there is plenty to do on a budget such as staying in instead of going out and watching your favorite movie, maybe even ordering some take-out. Another time, you can go for a drive in movie, get up early one morning and watch the sunrise together, or go for a walk.

4.      Creative or adventurous date ideas

Thrill seekers are the first to admit that shared adrenaline pumping activities make a couple closer.  You can try sky diving, mountain climbing, white water rafting, go for a helicopter ride, go to a casino and see how lucky you are, recreate your own breakfast at Tiffany’s in an exotic hotel of your choice, or go for a spa retreat at a resort.

5.      Anniversary and romantic date ideas

For certain landmarks such as your wedding anniversary or first date, you may want to step up your date idea a bit to get that ‘Wow’ factor from your partner. Try going for a balloon ride, dinner on a sail boat, or visit a wine tasting event, go to a poetry and art club, give back to the community by volunteering at a homeless shelter, or attend a political rally like when you were back in college. You can also recreate one of your favorite or first dates for that extra touch of nostalgia.

Remember that it is not the responsibility of one partner to organize and plan the dates. Putting in effort is half the fun and also lets your partner know that you care and want to keep the romance alive and well.

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