Virgo Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

Virgo is an Earth sign and Cancer is a water sign, so both are inclined to high mood changes which can greatly irritate either of them. The Virgo might not able to understand the sentimental, nostalgic and tender feelings of a Cancer woman and can suddenly get frustrated with her. On the other hand, the Virgo’s sarcastic and critical approach may not be that appealing for the Cancer.  In spite of these differences, it cannot be ruled out that the Virgo man and the Cancer woman compatibility is definitely harmonious. Both the signs are capable of giving undivided attention to one another. And, looking after each other is one thing that comes very naturally to the both of them.

Virgo Man

Most of the Virgo men are extremely handsome and are very appealing. With his sharp, smooth and crystal clear approach, one cannot easily ignore a Virgo man. He is extremely intelligent and it is very difficult to read his facial expressions. He is very practical and when falls in love, he makes for a very loyal partner.

Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman might look very tough on the outside, but there is actually a very sweet, sensitive, loving and caring person underneath. She is extremely moody and at times quite introverted. Her thoughts, actions and decisions are usually emotional based and when in love, she is extremely devoted to the relationship.

Virgo Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

Interestingly, both the signs have equal number of similarities. A Virgo man and a Cancer woman actually complement each other very well. The Cancer woman makes up for many of the qualities lacking in the Virgo man and vice versa.  They tend to share a very loving and caring bond and with a genuine desire to be there and serve each other. Both of them wish to love and be loved back, but their approach towards it is quite different.   Virgo men find it extremely difficult to express their true emotions, whereas Cancer women are very emotional and can be possessive at times. However, once the trust is built among the two of them, the Virgo man will let go of his inhibitions.

A Cancer woman yearns for a man on whom she can depend, and a Virgo man is all about providing that security. Out of all the Zodiac signs, a Virgo man is popular for his reliable and hardworking nature. The Virgo man and Cancer woman compatibility is great, as the two of them are very committed, cautious, loyal and extremely dedicated to each other in a down to earth state of mind.

However, the Cancer’s over possessive nature and fluctuating mood swings might actually irritate the Virgo man in the long haul. Additionally, the Virgo man’s over critical and sarcastic nature can easily hurt the Cancer woman’s sentiments. However, if the two signs put in a very conscious effort to understand each other, and work on their relationship by curbing their negatives, this relationship has potential.  This match is harmonious and definitely ideal be it for marriage, lovers or for just being friends.

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