Top 20 Romantic Text Messages

Words are a wonderful way to express one’s feelings. Romantic gestures have their appeal, sure, but when a few loving words are added, it can seal the deal because a relationship is all about communicating with your partner. And what better way to bring a smile on their face by sending a romantic text message? If you are out of ideas, consider the following romantic messages.

Top 20 Cute Romantic Text Messages

  1. At the end of a long day, all that I want to do is listen to your sweet voice and relax. Missing you sweetheart.
  2. If 5 people care for you, I’m one of them. If just one person cares for you, I would be that person. If nobody cares for you, then my love, I might not be in this World.
  3. I love you! If you hate me, just shoot me with an arrow. But, don’t aim it at the heart because that’s where you are!
  4. Of all the people I have met, you are the only one I’ll never forget. And, if I die before you do, I’ll wait for you in heaven.
  5. You make me want to love you and you make me want to surrender my soul to you. Done.
  6. I’m very glad that God didn’t decide to put a price tag for you. If he did, I would have never been able to afford you. Love you!
  7. Just thinking of you makes my day light up.
  8. Without you I am incomplete.
  9. A person you love is an extension of yourself.
  10. It is so easy to love you honey. Always be with me.
  11. You are my angel and I love you so much.
  12. To the world, you may be one person. But to me, you are the world! You mean everything to me, my love.
  13. My life is a jigsaw puzzle and you are my missing piece.
  14. You bring sunshine into my life! You are not the sun, but you are just as hot!
  15. I lost a tear in the sea and the day I find it is the day I would stop loving you.
  16. If I know what love is, it is because of you.
  17. If love is life, then I would give you mine. My love for you is eternal baby.
  18. Visit my dreams tonight, babycakes!
  19. A simple kiss from you is all I need to go to heaven and come back.
  20. The only thing that looks good on me is – YOU.

These adorable romantic messages will surely bring a smile on your significant other’s face.

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  1. i love your post hope you write more of them come back soon.

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