Top 5 Winter Date Ideas for Teenagers

Don’t let the cold tamper with your much-awaited date. In fact, dating in winters can be quite fun and the chill in the air can actually give you a reason to get close to your partner. If you are out of date ideas, here are a few for teenagers. The top five categories of winter date ideas for teenagers:

1.Outdoor date ideas

You can still enjoy some activities outside in the cold. These include building a snow man, playing paint balling, hockey, skiing, skating or working out together, or go shopping for Christmas presents at an outdoor bizarre. Just remember to dress warmly.

2.Indoor date ideas

For those who cannot brave the cold, choose an indoors activity. These include going for a movie or staying in and watching the movie at home with some hot cocoa, plan a sauna and hot stone massage, light a fire in the hearth and have dinner next to it picnic style, explore each other’s collections be it of stamps or toy cars, nail polish, etc, have a game night, go to the museum, or go to your favorite book store pick out a book you guys can read together.

3.Creative and adventurous date ideas

For the adventurous types, you can try going hiking or for a walk in the park. Look into going sledding, or skiing, or organizing a winter treasure hunt with a group of friends for a group date.

4.Romantic ideas

For that really special date during the winter, plan something that will leave your partner amazed and completely in love. This can include volunteering to help other people out, say in a soup kitchen or shelter, helping each other pick out old clothes to donate to Goodwill, help each other decorate for Christmas, go up to the roof early in the evening and watch stars, and you can make snow angels or take a walk while holding hands and talking.

5.Affordable date ideas

All the above ideas should be affordable, but you should have some pocket change to spend on warm food and drinks when getting a chill.

The winter date ideas for teenagers can be planned by either party and can be tweaked to fit your own personality.  Just remember to relax, be yourself and have fun.

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