Top 5 Signs Your Crush Likes You

Many people find it difficult to express their feelings making it frustrating to keep guessing whether the people you like has reciprocal feelings. However, actions speak louder than words. Stop guessing blindly and know these signs that your crush likes you too.

Top 5 Signs That Your Crush Like You

Here are a few simple signs that your crush likes you too.

1.      Bragging

If your crush is constantly talking about themselves, then they are probably trying to get you to see how great they are by focusing on their strengths. If you like him or her, you will actually find their stories very fascinating.

2.      Wants to Talk to You

If they like you, they will find a way to talk to you, be it Facebook, email, texts, or a phone call.

3.      Looks at You

If your love interest is trying to make eye contact from across the room or while in close proximity more often than normal, then he or she may be trying to get your attention on them.  These sorts of body language hints can tip you off to their interest.

4.      Laughs at Your Jokes

When you crack a joke, or attempt to crack one, they will laugh at it, no matter how funny it is. This type of interest shows you they want to have you engaged with them like they are engage with you.

5.      You are Given Special Attention

If he or she genuinely gives you more attention than other people of their same gender, then he or she may be interested in you.

Use these tips as a guideline the next time you are around your crush to see if he or she is into you.

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