5 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

You know, in most cases, getting over a relationship is very difficult and, it is quite common for at least one of the partners to want to get back together. However, if you have been missing your darling ex and wondering if they feel exactly the same way, it is better to share your feelings with him or her. Before you speak your heart, keep an eye on his or her actions and then make your move. These signs are sure indications that your ex wants to make things work again:

Starts Talking To You:

If your ex starts calling you and tries to start conversations again, then it is quite possible that they are trying to rekindle the lost love. Their frequent texting and calling could be to show you that he or she is missing you.

Brings Up All Your Jokes And Nicknames:

If they talk about the past and bring up all the goofy and fun times you guys had, then they are trying hard to remind you of all those beautiful and wonderful times the two of you had together. Don’t just melt under the moment, though; there must have been a reason for the two of your to fall apart, so see if it is worth it to go down the same road again.

Curious About Your Relationship Status:

If they ask you or your friend if you are seeing someone, then it is likely that they are hoping that you are still single.

Facebook Status Says ‘In a Relationship’:

If your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend has still not changed their relationship back to single, then it could be possible that they are still in denial that the relationship is over. However, make sure that their status does not mean that they are in a new relationship.

Wants Your Advice:

One of the basic signs your ex wants you back is that he or she will keep coming to you to help them out with problems. This comes down to only one thing, it means that your ex still respects you and still looks up to you for any tiny problem.

Out of these 5 signs your ex wants you back, if at least 3 are correct, then it is very likely that your ex wants to start things over again. If he or she asks you out again, agree only if you are sure and comfortable with the relationship.

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