Capricorn Man Pisces Woman Compatibility

A Capricorn and Pisces is certainly a deadly combo. This relationship is very precious and the Capricorn man and Pisces woman complement each other very well. Although these two zodiac signs have the nature of two different rivers that have never really met, if the two of them meet, the relationship will surely blossom. The Capricorn man and Pisces woman’s compatibility is super amazing.

Firstly, let us get to know a little bit about these two wonderful signs individually:

Capricorn Man

A Capricorn man is someone who is very ambitious, patient, down-to-earth, self-disciplined, a responsible and a practical thinker. He has the ability to set straight goals for himself and goes towards them until he accomplishes them. He hates cheating and shortcuts to reach his goals. This sign will never allow anything to come in his way. He is more interested in satisfying his goals. Since he is very patient, he will bear with slow progress and will actually appreciate it. The bright side about a Capricorn man is that he never allows bad news to affect him or change his mood.

A Capricorn man is constantly competing with himself, and since he is a little pessimistic, he might dread the idea of failing. This fear will drive him hard to achieve his goals, gain success, and stand on his own. His respect and recognition is dear to him, and he will always cherish it, as he is very conscious about his public image. All this comes down to one thing, for a Capricorn man, his work is very important and he will never ever take it lightly. Material security is his top priority, so you will always find him paying attention to his duties and responsibilities.

However, behind this over-hardworking-mask, there is a very emotional and romantic man. Unfortunately, a Capricorn man tends to suppress his feelings and emotions. He prefers to display his feelings rather than talk about them. He appreciates romantic gestures, and that is not necessarily restricted to just the bedroom. He is an adventurous lover, laughs in bed, very playful while making love, and appreciates a good sense of humor. The best part of a Capricorn man is that he is very helpful in the house. However, this sign is very scared of making a commitment, but, if he is sure that you are the one for him, and he is compatible with you, he will go out of his way to make that commitment.

Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman is someone who is super attractive, ultra-feminine, caring, and very romantic. She is extremely creative, intuitive but is sensitive and can get hurt easily. This zodiac sign can be a dreamer. By nature, a Pisces woman is idealistic, spiritual. She is imaginative, emotional and a little mysterious, with an amazing ability to feel and sense things which others might tend to miss or overlook. This unique quality can be applied to different fields like emotional healer, an astute business woman or even creative artist.

Just like her zodiac sign, which represents the basic conflicts of desire in flesh and spirit, a Pisces woman will always have a constant battle between her sacred self-indulgence and self-denial. She finds it difficult to balance these two forces. She is more inclined towards art and drama as this is one of her means to escape from her daily life, its disappointments and the naked reality. She often tends to be a martyr who has to learn the art of being a little selfish, choose a person who deserves her help and love, and most importantly become strong.

A Pisces woman is also very romantic, meaning, more than any other sign this lady needs a soul-mate. A Pisces woman will put her loved ones top in her priority list. With her caring, selfless and sentimental attitude, this woman is very loyal and will benefit if she has a partner who is very caring, protective and super optimistic about himself.

Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman

The Capricorn man and Pisces woman compatibility is amazing. In the long run this relationship has the potential to grow into a very successful union. A Capricorn man is very determined, supports his partner, and is always strong. He will protect the Pisces woman’s delicate and compromising self. A Capricorn man has the ability to make her feel very secure and will provide all the right things that she has always been looking for. Although he is not very good at expressing his love, he will remain very loyal to her all the time. Over a period of time, the Pisces woman can teach him to be more expressive romantically. The Pisces woman will prove to be a very good and loyal wife, never suppressing or dominating him.

The Verdict

All in all a Capricorn man and Pisces woman compatibility will definitely bring balance in both their lives. Capricorn will keep the Pisces grounded, and the Pisces will help the Capricorn to have a romantic outlook towards his practical ways. If both the partners are willing to appreciate and accept each others’ traits, characteristics, and individuality, the Capricorn man and Pisces woman compatibility is very harmonious and will remain strong for a very long time.

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  1. Sounds like my ideal woman. Now I just need to find a way to show her that. Because of this woman I believe in not only “love” but love at first sight.

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