Dealing With Rejection in Love – Phases of Being Dumped

Rejection is very painful and you tend to feel very awful. You wish life is simple, but unfortunately it’s not; when you are dumped, it is followed by phases of rejection. Going through these stages is inevitable, but each phase is a step in getting over the broken relationship. Dealing with rejection in love might seem very difficult, but you can do it. Simply follow each phase to get on with your life.

The 9 Phases of Dealing with Rejection

Here are the 9 nine phases of rejection that every dumped partner will go through:

1.       The Denial Phase:

The first stage is always difficult. You practically feel numb, and it will be difficult for you to believe that the relationship has actually ended. A simple phone ring or a song might remind you of your partner.


Come to terms with your broken relationship. The sooner you accept the better it will be for you. You do not have to feel embarrassed about it. Thinking you should have, could have, or would have will not help in anyway. So, accept it, plain and simple.

2.       The Bargaining Phase:

This is the phase where you might want to change yourself, become more sexy and appealing. However sweetheart, a new hairstyle or a new look is not going to change his mind. Do not beat yourself up over it.


Do not rush into anything. No amount of pampering and self- improvement is going to help you. Do not try to change rather just give it some time. Mourning over it for a couple of days, it is perfectly fine. Give yourself some time to accept the fact that it is all over.

3.       The Loneliness Phase:

This is definitely the most difficult phase. You just feel suffocated. Talking to people becomes difficult. At some point you might feel like not a single person understands or cares about you.


The only way to get over this phase is to mingle with as many people as you can. Do not run away from social gatherings. Just be with your family and close friends, and allow them to care about you. Remind yourself you are not alone and that you are certainly precious to a few.

4.       The Heartbreak Phase:

At this point, you might feel very empty, as if there is a hole in your heart and it is going to crack any moment. You might experience an unexplainable pain in your chest and there may be times that you might want to throw up.


They say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. So, keep yourself as busy as possible. Steady your heart. Do and concentrate on things that make you happy. It requires constant effort, but in the end, it is totally worth it.

5.       The Blame Phase:

It is very natural to think about what went wrong in the relationship. When you start introspecting things, the blame phase starts. It might even get you angry.


You know, relationships never have a definite start and ending point. It is always unpredictable. There are no rules to break. However, it is wise to not to get into the ‘you-are-at-fault’ game. Make yourself understand that neither you nor your partner is at fault for your falling apart.

6.       The Depression Phase:

The most difficult phase of dealing with rejection is the depression stage. At this point, everything seems to have come to bitter end. Your confidence level is at its lowest. It seems like it has been ages since you ate or slept properly. The sad part about this phase is, that you tend to be bitter towards love and finding another potential partner seems impossible.


Do not allow yourself to get into the self-pity phase, or things will get all the more messy. Take control of yourself. Try confiding your feelings in a trusted friend. Maintain a journal to pen down your feelings, and most importantly, exercise and make sure you sweat plenty!

7.       The Anger Phase:

Anger is a very good sign actually, provided you do not let it to sit on your head. It is okay to feel furious about the rejection.


Make your anger an aggressive positive sign. Allow yourself to experience all the rage and fury, but do not go overboard. Use your anger as a powerful tool to fight back and come across very strong, bold, and super appealing. Put all your aggression on a project. You will surely get amazing results.

8.       The Acceptance Phase:

Finally, you come to terms with your broken relationship. In fact, you have totally moved on, you are happy and you feel that you do not need a guy or girl to make you feel complete. Single-hood seems awesome!

9.       The Healing Phase:

This is a very beautiful phase, as it is at this point that you focus and try super hard to get your life back. You no longer miss your ex, you are ready to get back to meeting up with your friends, and go out regularly. You might be also open to the idea of dating again.

Well, one cannot say that dealing with rejection is easy, but it surely makes you strong. In a way, maybe things did not end well because that particular person is not supposed to be with you. That particular experience will actually help you to appreciate when Mr. or Miss Perfect finally turns up in your life. So, do not worry, it is all going to be good, as a ‘happy ending’ only comes when you have gone through a few ups-and-downs in life.

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