Top 5 Valentines’ Day Gifts for Him

Picking up a Valentines gift for women is much simpler than it is for men. For most men, materialistic goods do not really matter much. A simple rose may cheer up a woman,  but it does not have the same effect on men. So, what can you possibly buy to make your man feel special this Valentines’ day?

Top 5 Valentine Day Gifts for Him

Here are a few basic gifts that top most men’s ‘must-have’ list:

Silver Cufflinks and Sexy Tie:

Most men like a few accessories too. There is no better way to get that professional look, than to buy a pair of silver cufflinks and a nice tie. If your man is one of those corporate guys, then you should certainly consider picking up this gift this Valentines’ day.


Every man loves sporting a watch. If you know he has been craving a particular brand and specific model, be generous and surprise him with his favorite watch. He will totally appreciate the gesture.

Latest Gadgets:

Men and gadgets totally go hand-in-hand – a gizmo freak guy is always very appealing. If your guy is one of those techie guys, make sure you pick one of the latest gadgets like a high-end camera, mobile phone or a video-cam, he will surely love it. If your man is a gaming fan, a play station would be the ultimate gift.

Handmade Goodies:

You know, men just love it when their ‘lady love’ takes some time out to do something special for him. Make your man feels special by making something for him at home. You can bake cookies or a cake; make handkerchiefs with his initials or any other thing of your choice.

Tickets for His Favorite Show:

This Valentines’ day, your guy might just love you all the more for buying him tickets for his favorite sporting or music event. If your partner is crazy about a particular sport, music band, or movie, you can consider giving him the pleasure of watching his favorite show.

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