Leo and Taurus Compatibility

Taurus is an earth zodiac sign and Leo is the fire sign. This unique match will be all about devotion, firmness, and permanence. Both these signs have stubbornness in common, are strong willed, and once they make a decision they stand by it. However, a Leo and Taurus compatibility is not smooth, since their incompatible tastes and different personal dispositions might lead to a few problems. Leo loves attention and likes being with people, whereas a Taurus is a little reserved and likes keeping in touch with only those close to him or her. In spite of their differences, the commitment between the two is amazing.

Leo and Taurus Compatibility

Since the two signs are full of sensuality and passion, there is a lot of attraction between Leo and Taurus. The Leo’s enthusiastic and independent nature will attract the Taurus in an instant. On the other hand, the Taurus’s reliable and patient nature will attract the Leo like a magnet. Both these signs believe in long lasting relationships and will do anything to make things work. The Leo and Taurus compatibility will be strong because they are extremely loyal and super romantic in relationships, and this is what both these signs crave. The Taurus will lovingly shower his or her Leo partner with loads of gifts and will give undivided attention, and the Leo is quite good at charming his or her partner. They have excellent tastes, and they have an eye for finery and classy things in life, so their fondness for luxuries will bring the two of them together. They both like being successful and love accumulating material things.

However, the Leo and Taurus compatibility is not really picture perfect. Since the two of them are ‘fixed signs’, there can be rifts in the relationship. Both Leo and Taurus like having an upper hand in the relationship. The bossy nature of the fire sign might not go down well with the stubborn nature of the earth sign. At times, they might be reluctant to see the other partners’ point of view and a compromise is simply out of question! Even their diverse temperaments can be the cause for clashes at times. When it comes to socializing, the two of them are quite the opposite: the Leo is a party animal and loves being pompous, whereas the Taurus prefers being reserved, staying at home over going to a crowded place. Although both these signs have a penchant for luxurious life, the Taurus is more bothered about security, and this might not go down well with the extravagant nature of Leo. However, these differences are very basic, and if they work on it and compromise a little, the relationship will blossom beautifully.

Leo Woman Taurus Man Compatibility

The stubborn and slow nature of the Taurus man might actually irritate the Leo woman. The Taurus man hates being dictated to or told what to do, and unfortunately the Leo woman just cannot resist being bossy. Well, the Taurus man should accept the fact that his Leo woman loves being outgoing and likes socializing, so he should just let her be that way. On the other hand, the Leo woman should be patient about her Taurus man’s stubborn nature. In the end, the two of them will have a very trustworthy, divinely romantic, and super successful partner. All that this relationship requires is a little bit of adjustment.

Leo Man Taurus Woman Compatibility

A Leo man and Taurus woman’s compatibility has better chances of succeeding than the other way round. Both these partners are very devoted and loyal towards each other. However, our Leo man should try not to be too dominating over his Taurus woman and at times, should allow her to have her very own way. On the other hand, the Taurus woman should accept the fact that her Leo man is a little pompous and loves attention, so she should not get annoyed with his nature. However, underneath the Leo’s bossy nature, it is quite sure that the Taurus woman will find a very loving, caring, and warm partner who will not hesitate to shower his ‘lady love’ with affection, gifts, and loads of love.

All in all the Leo and Taurus compatibility is quite a hit and the relationship will always be very interesting.

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