How to Get a Guy to Notice You in Middle School

You are crazy about this guy in school, but he does not seem to take notice of you. Well girl, it is time you started making yourself visible to this cute boy. Unless you make it obvious, he will never come up to you and talk! So, put in some effort, and get a guy to notice you in middle school.

5 Tips to get a Guy to Notice You in Middle School

Follow these simple tips to get that cute dude to take notice of you:

  1. Get Close to Him:

    Unless you make him realize that you exist, how is he going to talk to you? Either get a mutual friend to introduce you to him, or if you are up for it, simply walk up to him and strike up a conversation. Stick to basic subjects, talk about a class that the two of you are in or talk about the approaching holidays, or you could even try complimenting him about his clothes. This would surely be a good start up conversation.

  2. Make and Maintain Eye Contact:

    When we say make eye contact, make sure you do not just stare at him. The key here is to keep him interested in you while the two of you are talking. Eye contact can just do that. Yes, you are allowed to blink!

  3. Give your Sweet Smile:

    A girl’s simple smile can do wonders on a guy. It will just show him that you are friendly, approachable, and open. Your warm smile will make it easier to remember you than all those zillion other girls who give him the grumpy looks.

  4. Don’t Pull His Leg:

    It is quite natural to make your crush feel like you are not into him, and hence you might try to make fun of him or simply roll your eyes. However, these actions are just going to push him away from you, as you are giving him the wrong signals. So, instead of trying to hide your feelings, make it a little obvious, be sweet to him and at the same time, be a little mysterious. This will get your middle-school-guy to become curious about you.

  5. Carry Forward:

    Now that you have started talking to him, do not expect him to follow up soon. You will have to work on him; the sad thing about boys is that they take a lot of time to open up. Be patient and wait for him to get a little closer. However, if he shows the stay-away-from-me girl signs, then you better back off, it is not worth it, you are the one who is going to get hurt.

With these simple tips, you can get any guy to notice you in middle school.

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