5 Things That Your Girlfriend Won’t Tell You

No matter how hard you try to get to know a girl, there are a few things a girl will never ever reveal to her boyfriend, or any guy in the world! No matter what the situation, there are things that your girlfriend won’t tell you. These are the ones that every girl expects or takes for granted without even letting it out to her boyfriend, so, here are the five things that your girlfriend will not tell you, but I shall tell you.

Here are the five things that every girl in this world loves, but won’t tell, so here is their secret:

  1. Chasing Game:

    This might sound insane, but girls really love it when a guy falls all over them. They derive pleasure in pushing them away. It also makes them a little apprehensive because they do not want a guy to say all the right things just to get them in a relationship and not mean any of it. The idea of a clingy guy can freak them out. However, when they do fall for a guy, they expect him to do the chasing game even after committing to them, this makes them feel secure and wanted. They like the fact that their guys still want them and will do anything for them.

  2. When a Girl Says ‘I’m Fine’ it is the Opposite:

    Out of the two genders, girls come under the super complicated slot. Never take your girlfriend’s one-word answers at face value. If your girlfriend says she is ‘fine’, or gives an answer which is less than 7 words, that means something is really up and she is not really sure if she can open up. This is where the coaxing and extra affection comes in. One of the reasons for her not to open up could be because her previous guy didn’t really give a damn about her feelings, so make sure you don’t give her that impression again. Talk to her, pet her a little, sweetly ask her questions and dig in. Once she opens up, she is all yours. Getting a girl to talk about her feelings is the most difficult thing for any boyfriend, but once you do that, she is definitely all yours man!

  3. Girls Are Ok With Your ‘Guy-Time’:

    It is a myth that girlfriends do not like their guys to spend some quality time with their friends. In fact, it is the other way round. Girls understand that friends play a major role in a guy’s life, and after getting into a relationship, they cannot expect you to give your undivided attention to them and ignore your friends. It is all about balancing; if a guy can give proper time to his girlfriend and also to his friends, the insecurity issue will never arise. However if the friends are being given more importance, it might not go down well. So, as a boyfriend, make sure you never come to the friends versus girlfriend situation. Take your guy time, at the same time, set aside equal ‘girlfriend-time’ too.

  4. They Are Not Comfortable With Introducing Their Friends:

    A girlfriend is always possessive about her boyfriend, and no matter how close she is to her other girlie friends, she will always feel insecure in introducing them to him. This is because she does not want her tiny little dirty secrets to be revealed, and worse than that, she fears that her guy would fall for another friend of hers. On the other hand, she likes to get to know her man’s friends because their approval means something to her. She would like to know her man’s friends’ influence on him. Do not try to understand the process, you won’t be able to!

  5. They Fear That Their Guy Might Fall For Another Woman:

    Girls feel insecure about the idea of their guy falling for some other girl. They feel that, when a guy gets into a relationship, he might have the sudden urge to get other girls to like him. If you do not want your sweetheart to get insecure and jealous, follow three simple things – never ever pay attention to another girl, do not compliment her and if your girl starts doubting you, hook up the other girl to one of your friends. However, if you do want to break the girlfriend-boyfriend code, please don’t lead them on, don’t keep them hanging, it will ruin them. Just end the relationship and go on your way, but do not expect them to take you back.

These are the five things that your girlfriend will not tell you, but if you follow these simple pointers you can have a peaceful relationship.

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