10 Facts About Teenage Dating Violence

Dating abuse or violence can actually occur in any intimate relationship, from pre-teen ages through to adulthood. However, a recent study has revealed that teens aged between 13 and 18 are under high risk because this is the time where they slowly begin to explore the world of dating and getting intimate. Teenage dating violence has become very high, because in this age group, they are not likely to disclose the abuse or warning signs to friends or family, and they will definitely not go to the police.

Teenage dating abuse is defined as ‘a pattern of threatened or actual acts of sexual, physical and emotional abuse, carried out by a teenager against a former or current dating partner’. The abuse might include coercion, insults, social sabotage, physical abuse, sexual harassment, threats or even acts of sexual abuse. A teenager might indulge in violence activities in order to have control over the dating partner, or to gain power.

Top 10 Facts About Teenage Dating Violence

Here are a few facts about teenage dating abuse:

  1. Each year, at least one in every four adolescents report physical, verbal, sexual, or emotional abuse.
  2. At least one in five teenagers report being a blatant victim of emotional abuse.
  3. At least one in every five high school girls have been brutally abused, either sexually or physically by a dating partner.
  4. About 54% of middle and high school students have reported physically and/or sexually abused by their peers.
  5. One in every three adolescents reported that a peer or friend have been physically abused by his or her partner. This has been through various violent actions like slapping, choking, punching and even kicking.
  6. About 8% of teens believe that verbal abuse is a very serious issue, especially for their age group.
  7. Shockingly, almost 80% of girls who were victims of sexual and physical abuse in dating relationships continue to date their abusive partner.
  8. Approximately 20% of teenagers reported having been in a dating relationship where their boyfriends have threatened self-harm or violence in case of a break-up.
  9. Almost 70% of the girls who have been raped already knew their masked rapist; they have were either their friends, boyfriends, or even a casual acquaintance.
  10. The majority of teenage dating violence occurs in the house of at least one of the partners.

These are the 10 facts about teenage dating violence. Although the majority of violence victims are girls, there is also abuse amongst boys.

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