10 Tips on Kissing for Guys

Kissing is magical and it is very important to have a perfect moment to give a kiss. Any guy or girl would be apprehensive about their first kiss. So, with those hormones kicking in and the urge to kiss increasing by the moment, follow these simple tips on kissing for guys. Be it just to get to know the kissing basics or the kissing techniques, as a guy the pressure would be all the more on you, so follow these simple tips to create that perfect smooch moment:

    1. Find the Perfect Time to Kiss:

The perfect time to kiss someone for the first time is when the two of you are alone. While the two of you are talking, there could be a momentary pause and you booth start looking at each other. Make the best of this moment, let the conversation flow and at some point when the conversation has a natural break, you will know that this is the right moment.

    1. Don’t Be Bothered about Your Breath:

You do not have to have a minty fresh breath while kissing. If the two of you have just had food, it is obvious that your partner also has the same breath. If you want, you can carry a few mints with you, but don’t obsess over it. It will only make you look eager and you do not want that, right?

    1. Start With Your Soft Lips:

If you are French kissing, the first thing that might come to your mind would be the tongue. Do not jump straight to the tongue let yourself ease into it. Start by kissing your girl lightly on the lips, and then slowly, ease into her mouth. Cover the top, bottom or both of her lips with yours.

    1. Take it Slow With your Tongue:

It is perfectly fine to kiss without using your tongue, but, if you wish to take the precious thing to the next level, slowly open your sweet mouth a little wider and then gently touch your girl’s tongue with your own. Allow the tips of your tongues to play a little, making sure you do not stretch it.

    1. Use your Hands Carefully:

While kissing your partner, the best place to put your hands is at her waist, neck, or even at the back of her head. If you like being that super romantic guy, you can even consider gently touching her cheeks in your hands. Never keep your hands at your side.

    1. Breathe Smoothly:

The kiss can be very overwhelming, but do not forget to breathe. Take regular and systematic breaks and pull away from your partner. At this time you can look into your girl’s eyes and smile. This will give you time to catch your breath.

    1. Keep Changing Your Moves:

Do not leave your tongue or lips in the same spot for a long time. The initial lips contact would be super exciting, but, if you do not change your kissing moves, it might actually get boring.

    1. If you are Not Sure, Follow the Lead:

You do not have to be a pro at kissing, but when you are not sure what to do next, you might as well let your partner take the lead. If the two of you share a great chemistry, you do not even have to think about ‘what-next’ part. The kiss will be like a house on fire!

    1. It is Absolutely Ok to Giggle and Laugh:

To ease the tension, you might want to laugh or crack a little joke. You know what, do not resist that temptation, let go of your nervousness. For all you know, your girl might also be equally nervous, so ease the tension by just laughing.

    1. The Perfect Ending:

If starting a kiss is difficult, so is ending it. It is very important for to you know when to end the kiss. If you are kissing this girl for the first time, keep it as brief as possible. There will surely be more chances to kiss this girl and it is a little satisfying to know that you can keep your girl wanting more. Keep her begging for more.

These are the 10 tips on kissing for guys. All you guys out there, go kiss your girl like you have never kissed her before, keep her wanting more, get hold of that tension and create that perfect, magical kiss that every girl dreams of.

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