Top 50 Ways to Get Revenge on Your Ex

So, you have been dumped by your partner for no matter what wrong reasons. And we all know that women are those who become the victims of breakups. After such moments, settling scores with your ‘ex’ seems to be just the right thing to do. Actually, just because he broke your heart it does not mean that you cannot break his jaw! But, leaving aside the violent part of this, you can consider a million others ways to get revenge on your ex. For all that you might know that person did not deserve an iota of your attention. So, if you want to get him paid back, all you need to do is torment him with these naughty but not-so-harmful revenge ideas.

Here are Top 50 Ways to Get Revenge on Your Ex.

You can consider any of these unique ways to get revenge on your ex:

  1. While your ‘ex’ is on a date with someone else, pay a kid to call him ‘daddy’.
  2. Leave a super naughty and romantic message on his answering machine, but, in the end, call out a different name.
  3. Post an embarrassing but not-so-scandalous picture of him on Face book.
  4. Leave a vague and anonymous mail to him suggesting that you know all of his dark secrets and you know what he has been up to.
  5. If he hates you, make sure you give him extra attention by hanging out with him, making the atmosphere more tensioned than already is.
  6. Put in a tiny limburger cheese in his briefcase.
  7. Place Sardines in his heating vent. Leave them on for a few days.
  8. Create a fake account under his name and start sending ridiculous mails to all of his friends.
  9. Grease his toilet seat with Vaseline.
  10. Spread a naughty rumor that his package is ‘small’.
  11. Post contact details and a few pictures of him in most of the gay websites.
  12. Make stupid prank calls from various unknown numbers at the time when you know for sure he would be busy.
  13. If your ex is dating someone new, send him chocolate boxes with their current partner’s name written on them.
  14. Call up his mom with a false name, and tell that he has left you pregnant.
  15. Even better, call up his new girlfriend and tell her that you might be pregnant, and he is the father.
  16. If you happen to know his credit card details, go mad with shopping, at his expense!
  17. Paint his precious vehicle by drawing something stupid with a paintbrush or marker.
  18. Cut off the bottom seams of his favorite pants pockets.
  19. Use his toothbrush to brush your cute dog’s teeth, and put it back.
  20. Add a little alcohol in his aftershave bottle.
  21. When he is watching his favorite show, turn off the power.
  22. Use his phone to declare love to some random girl.
  23. Spill soy sauce and vinegar all over his bed. It will not only take him days to wash and dry them, but he will have to live with the stink.
  24. Swipe his car keys, make a copy of them, and wait for the proper moment to act..  When free, take out his car and run it out from gas. Get it back in the same place and have fun.
  25. If possible, change his ring-tone to some obnoxious or super ridiculous song.
  26. Buy something very embarrassing and get it shipped to his apartment when he is having a party.
  27. While he is talking to someone, tell him that he has got a booger in the nose.
  28. While he is watching his favorite show, call him up repeatedly and bug him.
  29. At midnight, right behind his house, set off some fireworks and just before you leave, accidentally trip on his alarm.
  30. Buy walnuts, neatly cut them and remove the walnut. Fill up the shells with corn starch and super glue, mix them with other walnuts, and wrap them in a cute pack. Give it to him.
  31. Replace his sandwich with cat or dog food sandwich.
  32. Keep a bag of half smokes cigarettes with you, and when no one is looking, slowly drop one stump under his desk every day.
  33. In his calendar, put his boss’s birthday on the wrong day.
  34. Change his Microsoft word settings. Put it on auto correct.
  35. Play with the words! Replace ‘I’ with ‘I love farting’ or, even better, with ‘I am stupid’. Also replace simple words like ‘run’ with ‘to ruin’.
  36. Change his phone greetings to ‘NO NETWORK’, ‘EXTRA CHARGES APPLY’ or ‘ROAMING’.
  37. If he has an awkward laugh, record it digitally and post it on YouTube. Or, simply install his laugh as his ring-tone.
  38. If you can, replace his ringtone with a super funny farting sound.
  39. Get as many alarm clocks as possible. Set them at different times and place them in your ex’s room. This will surely get him super irritated!
  40. Subscribe your darling ex’s name to dirty sex magazines. But, here is the catch! Instead of sending it to him, send it to his neighbor.
  41. Stick a bumper sticker on his car. Choose a sticker that he finds to be sinful.
  42. Stick an official looking note under his door, stating that water supplies will be cut off for the next few days. Ask him to fill up every vessel in the house.
  43. Fill up his number and name on some sweepstakes.
  44. Right click on one of his favorite desktop items. Change its properties to “%winder%system32shutdown.exe -r -t 00?. Each time he clicks on this icon, the system will reboot.
  45. Go to his PC control panel and reset the font color to white!
  46. Replace his weed killer with plant food.
  47. Get a billboard to announce all of his shameful deeds.
  48. Sing up your ex for email spam. Fill up every possible online form!
  49. Call-up a pay-per minute or overseas hotline from his phone.
  50. Spit in his favorite mouthwash and aftershave bottle.


  • Never pull a prank on your ex when you know you can’t stand it when he responds to the not-so-sweet gesture!
  • Never ever involve government, businesses or emergency responders!
  • Do not damage private or public property!
  • These are the top 50 ways to get revenge on your ex. Have fun, but do not forget to forgive and live happily and freely.

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