Do’s and Don’ts of Texting in Relationships

In any relationship, communication is one of the essential components. No matter the ways you chose in transmitting, words and feelings will always reach the addressee. Today, the most used way of communication is texting. Texting it can be both an advantage as well as a disadvantage. The beauty of sending text messages is that, it gives you enough time to think and respond. But, the bad thing of it is that it can get your partner quite irritated.  Having a face-to-face conversation is always better! There are a few DOs and DON’Ts of texting which are to be taken into account. It will certainly help you clear those tiny misunderstandings!
And here’s the list of Do’s and Don’ts of Texting in a relationship!

The Do’s of texting:

Take these as tips for a good communication between couples.

Text Sweet Nothings!

With the hectic schedules, it can be quite difficult to just pick up the phone and talk to your sweetheart. However, you can send a simple text to your partner and make him/her feel special. A cute little text like ‘Hope you are having a great day!’ or even a simple ‘Thinking of you!’ can totally be the trick to impress him/her!

Send Text to Your Long-Distance Sweetheart!

It is believed that, at least 15% of long distance daters send more texts than call or email. Well, basically in long-distance relationships, texting is the surprise element. The moment your partner pops into your mind, just send him/her a text. In spite of being miles away from you, your partner will feel connected.

Always Text before a First Date!
Most of the people feel comfortable if they exchange texts with their date partners right before meeting them. It is advised to keep the pre-date communication fun and light. Ask your partner about his/her favorite place to hang out, discuss about the movies he/she likes or even about his/her favorite bands. And, you can use these simple pointers while you are dating him/her.

 Respond ASAP!
Well, it is quite obvious that most of us are always close to our phones most of the time. And, if you do not respond to your partner’s text within an hour, he/she might feel ignored. It has been observed that the biggest turn-off is when a person doesn’t respond to a text. So, if you do not find the time to reply him/her to the text message he/she has sent you, make sure you’ll do this ASAP, saying you were busy and that he/she shouldn’t have been worried. If for some other reasons you can’t do this, at least send him/her ‘Sorry! I’ve just got your text!’ It might save you!

The Don’ts of texting:

Attention! The tips bellow will surely help you make a good impression!

Don’t Guess!
Texts can leave so much room for interpretations! So, if you get a very vague text, do not confront your partner right away. Wait for a face-to-face conversation to clear up the things. Don’t let your mind to overstate things! Keep your insecurity aside and wait for the right moment to get your answers!

Don’t Use MORE abbreviations than necessary!
If you want to keep your text as brief as possible, you can use abbreviations. However, make sure you stick to common symbols and terms that you know your partner will understand. Don’t use items like “how r u?”,”all the best 2 you!”, “can I see you 2nite?”.You are going to look like a fool!

Don’t Send Angry Texts!
A simple ‘Humph’, ‘Grrr…’ or even ‘Ugh’ might do when you want to show your disinterest. But, do not show your actual frustration through a text message! Hold all your anger and frustration and let them out when you talk to your partner in person, or on the phone.

Don’t Bring Bad News!
Don’t be rude with your partner! It is considered to be very insensitive to bring bad news to your partner through a simple text message. Meet him/her in person, and then tell him/her the bad news.

These are a few do’s and don’ts of texting that are to be taken into account in a relationship. The better you understand and apply them, the better your love affair will go on!

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