Top 10 Tips on How to Get Rid of a Guy

No, we are not talking about the movie which we are sure that most of you have fully enjoyed. There are a few tips on how to get rid of a guy. These would surely make a man run away from you, even without his running shoes. If you feel that things are not going well between the two of you, then you can use a few of these ways. Sometimes it is difficult to tell them face to face. Try out these tips, and get rid of a wrong relationship.
Below you have the Top 10 ways to make a guy leave you. Enjoy every little moment!

Be nasty!

Become the nastier version of Satan. Be mean, arrogant, rude anything that comes to your mind and describes you as a nasty woman. Treat the man like a doormat, and chances are 100 %   sure!  He won’t like you to be his better half. Worse, he’ll run away as far as you say ‘goodbye’!

Redecorate this house!

Give his house a makeover without his knowledge or permission. Paint the walls pink, decorate the rooms with girly stuff and put some heart-shaped pillows on the bed. Don’t forget to remove all his things from the bathroom cabinet and put yours.

Match catch!

Ask him the color of his outfit whenever going out and match it with your outfit. Better, ask him to match his clothes with yours. Imagine him wearing pinks and peach colors. If he is a real man, he would never do this!

Calling names:

Give each other love names like “peach pumpkin” or “sugar pie”, anything that sounds very effeminate. Insist on addressing each other these callings even in the presence of family and friends. No man will like being called “teddy bear” in front of his guy pals.

Keep checking him up!

Insist that you know every little detail about what he did during the day. Transform yourself into a little detective!  Call him about 10 times a day just to check what he is doing. Keep asking him questions about his female colleagues or friends. He would not like this type of attention.

Throw away his stuff!

Go to his place and throw away his stuff like his favorite shirt, his baseball bat, his movie collection etc. Make sure he doesn’t witnesses the scene! When he asks, just tell him that you don’t like his old stuff. This will surely make him wary with you.

Be an emotional wreck!

Extend your PMS for a month! Start crying as the end of the world is nearer then people could imagine! Get emotional while watching a movie or kids playing in the park. Even after a hot “under the sheets” session, burst into tears. He will wonder whether he will have the enough strength to manage such emotional episodes everyday for the rest of his life.

 Make fun!

When friends are around, make fun of him in an innocent way. Make fun of things important to him, like his career. Don’t forget to draw his attention on the “size issue” too. I know that’s a little insensitive, but don’t you want to end it???

Compare game!

Always compare the guy you are dating with your ex boyfriends! Tell him they were great looking and better paid than him. When making love, shout out loud their names instead of his. This will make any man run away from you!

Nagging all the way!

If there is one thing that a man hates of a woman, it would be nagging! So, be a great nagger! Do not be satisfied with whatever he does for you. Keep complaining about even the most trivial things. Sulk for hours after a fight!

The best tip on how to get rid of a guy would be to tell him that it is over. It might hurt him a little, but at least you will be direct and you don’t have to play games with him.

It might hurt a break-up, but hurts the most an empty relationship!

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