Aries Man in Love- The Passionate Ram!!!

The first sign of the zodiac,

Aries (20th March- 20th April)

is known for passion, energy and confidence.

An Aries Man In Love is no different

. He has all the above mentioned qualities as a lover and much more than that too. His innocence will sweep you off your feet. Life with an Aries lover is full of surprises and excitement. Let us look at the Aries Lover a little closely.

Aries Man in Love- What to Expect?


  • He is a man of his words and almost always keep them. So, if he says he would pick you up at 8 rest assured, he would.
  • The relationship with an Aries guy is very exciting. Are you ready for it?
  • He is a new guy everyday, popping up with surprises and new offering every single day.
  • He firmly believes in love and family. Therefore, most often he will be loyal to his girl.
  • Aries man is a charmer will definitely do things to make you drool for him.
  • You will not have any communication problem with this man. He will voice his opinions and feeling loud and clear.
  • An Aries guy can be unpredictable in love. This will catch you off guard. You will enjoy his spontaneity.
  • He likes to be control of everything, even relationships. Let him take all the necessary decisions.
  • He is a romantic to the core. His strange romantic gestures will keep you busy.
  • He needs to be the first in whatever he does. Even in his girl’s life an Aries man wants to be the first priority. He might not like it if he has to be in the second position.
  • Many women are unable to make out what is inside their Aries man mind. This leaves them confused.
  • He needs constant attention and pampering, remember he is the baby of the zodiac sign. He will not appreciate it if he feels that his woman is not giving him enough attention.
  • An Aries man is deeply wounded when someone, especially his woman, breaks his trust. That will be the end of the relationship. These men give lot of importance to loyalty and trust.
  • He loves his space and will not like any kind of intrusion in it by anyone.
  • Although he is very proud, he will be the first one to apologize after a quarrel. Things like this makes him so sweet.
  • Aries man is very generous when it comes to giving gifts to his loved ones. You will be showered with the best and the most expensive gifts frequently.
  • He will support his woman in all walks of life and career and will hardly be an obstacle in her path, provided she give him her undivided attention.
  • This man can become moody at times. When he is cranky he can be quite impolite which might hurt you.


The Best Matches For Aries Man

  • Aries
  • Sagittarius
  • Leo
  • Libra

The Worst Matches For Aries Man

  • Virgo
  • Pisces
  • Gemini

Aries man in love

can be quite a handful, can you handle that???

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