How A Scorpio Woman In Love Feels

Dedicated, friendly, secretive, jealous, and dominating, born between October 23 and November 21,

Scorpio Woman In Love

is sexually powerful. Discipline, confidence, enthusiasm, are some of the other endearing qualities of this sign. A

scorpio woman in love

looks for a partner who is confident, ambitious, honest, and who matches her robust life and intense emotions.

Romantic Scorpio Woman:

A scorpion woman wants her relationships to be intensely passionate. When in love she is madly in love. Also, these women are blessed with a strong emotional sixth sense. Never cheat on her, or be disloyal, for she would know it. Be faithful in love with her. If wronged, she would never ever forget and forgive you.

A Devoted Lover And Wife:

Once in love, she would be a very caring, kind, and encouraging partner. She has a very strong sense of justice, fairness and practicality, and hence will support not only her own ambition, but will also encourage her partner to be successful too. She is a very loyal and loving partner and wife, who would decorate the house with her fine taste, and make it a beautiful place to live in.

A Strong Scorpio Personality:

She looks for a highest grade of personality. Be appealing and charming. Being a strong person, she looks for a person who is highly ambitious, and who knows how to get there. She will not respect a person who has no plan for future.

Over Powering Scorpio Woman’s Sexual Senses:

Once you gain her attention and love, expect an exhilarating and animated sexual life. She has an irresistible aura, which oozes charm and sex, and attracts many. She enjoys an experimenting and kinky sexual life. You should be able to match up to her desires to keep her happy.

Scorpio Lady Gets Attracted To Independent & Dominating Lover:

Ambitious, confident, and dominating lovers attract a scorpio woman more than the soft, and mellowed lovers. A little rough and tough lover can get their attention instantly, as she finds flirting with danger more attractive. Be independent. A not so successful person rarely stands a chance to win her.

Scorpio Woman’s Critical Sting:

She knows every flaw of yours. Even the smallest error or mistake is noted. She wouldn’t munch her words while pointing out them, but it gets more stinging when you are not measuring up to her standards.

Scorpio Lady’s Social Life:

She is a social butterfly. She has many friends and enjoys spending time with them. She enjoys learning a wide range of hobbies, which in turn exposes her to a new set of people.

A Disciplined Scorpio Mother:

She takes extreme pride in her motherhood, and raises her children with a great discipline. Strict at times, she balances her stern ways with her motherly love. She enjoys taking her kids out for activities, and is generally tolerant with them.

Shower Scorpio With Gifts:

She loves to be praised, complimented and surprised with good gifts. She would accept carefully thought simple gifts as much as she loves expensive presents. Going out for dinners, outings, gatherings, and exciting, adventurous moments can help a person gain her attention, trust and eventually love.

Negatives Of Scorpio Lady:

She is jealous, possessive, dominating, rigid, and self-indulgent. She thinks about herself first, and prioritizes everything around her. She tends to hold grudges and sting at the most unexpected times. She could be overtly critical and demeaning to the not so successful people. At times she could be too demanding, unforgiving, arrogant, aggressive, and a sadist.


scorpio woman in love

is most compatible with cancer, and pisces, and is moderately compatible with capricorn and the virgo, another earth sign, but it’s good to avoid the other zodiac signs.

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