How to Make my Boyfriend Jealous?

Okay!! Maybe he did something that made you jealous or he just does not seem to care of you any more and so you need to give him a jolt. You are now wondering, how to make my boyfriend jealous without appearing too needy and chasing him off. Well, today we give you some tips on how you can get him right where you want him.

How to make my boyfriend jealous is a more common question than you might think. Since time began, women over the centuries have been trying to get their men to pay more attention to them and they thought that the best way to achieve this was through getting him to be jealous of you.

The assumption was that if you succeeded in making him jealous then he must really love and care for you. How far true this is we may never find out and yet women all over the world, no matter the culture are still asking the same question and using the ‘get him jealous tactic’ to feel secure in their relationships.

Whatever your reason for wanting him to get jealous, here are some sure ways you can have him burning you with his green eyes of jealousy.

  • The first and most obvious step is to stop giving him royal treatment. He is used to being the centre of your world and seems to think it is his God given right. Well, it is time for a wake up call. Do not call him or try to contact him. Any meeting should be initiated by him and it is okay for you to cancel one date out of three. Let him know that you can exist without him just fine and that you have other things in your life that may be more important than him.
  • When he does call, do not pick up his calls some of the time and if he asks about it say you were extremely busy and do not explain what you were busy doing. When you do pick up, let it appear like you were expecting someone else to call. This implies that you did not even check who it was before accepting the call since you were focused on something else, then tell him you will call back just after you get the call you have been waiting for. It does not hurt to let him wait for some 2 hours or the whole day.
  • Always look elegant and amazing even when there is no company, and have the look of eternal happiness. He is brooding over why you did not call him back, just give him one of your amazing smiles and be the fountain of joy. In the presence of company, laugh and do some light flirting but nothing untoward. Just be generous with your smiles. Let his friends be the one to tell him how amazing you are and that he is so lucky to have you. This will make him realize that you can be happy without him and he will be trying to figure out what happened at work to make you this happy.
  • Eyes are said to be the windows of the soul, keep yours guarded. When talking to him try avoiding his eyes and try looking around like you expect something more exciting and better to come along and save you from him. With this tactic, it is best done in a roomful of people and should he ask what you are looking for simply say, ‘ahhh nothing really, just checking.’ Now you have him wondering what you are checking for and hope to God it is not another man.
  • And finally, be mysterious. Do not explain where you have been, with whom and for what. And unless he asks, do not offer any information no matter how itchy it feels. Let him be on the edge of his seat trying to figure out what you did when you went out last night. For example, if he asks if you knew that a guy you went out with in high school came back into town last week, simply respond,’Yes actually, we went out to lunch two days ago’. If he freaks just say,’It was just lunch hon, no need to worry’. From wondering why you did not tell him in the first place, to how many people you have had’just lunch’ with, he will be right where you need him to be.

As they say, all is fair in love and war, but be careful not to go overboard or else he will find out what your game plan is and he will run faster than if you had proposed. The best way to do this is in moderation and make sure that nothing is harmless. But I am of the opinion that a guy who needs a reminder that he needs to care about you and show it may not be worth all that trouble. So before you embark on this, make certain that he deserves your love and that you are not wasting your time on a useless person.

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