How to Pull Off Sexy Texts to Boyfriend?

For those of our readers who are below the age of 18 or those who are not yet in consummated relationships and do not intend to do so soon, it is best that you leave now because sexy texts to boyfriend is not for your eyes.

Now for those who are interested and are qualified to view the sexy texts to boyfriend, there are a few criteria you need to follow to ensure that you do not mess up and can effectively.

    • It should be something personal and well thought out. Uniqueness is greatly appreciated and your guy will love it if he is treated as an individual rather than using something he has seen somewhere before. Use something that is specific to your relationship and that only he can relate to, and you will have him dying to come see you.Example: “I am in the dressing room touching myself, remembering how hard you were, the last time we were in here together”.


    • As a text, it dictates that it should be short or else just send any email. To get him thinking about you in the shortest time possible, you need to use something that is dramatic and has immediate impact. Short and to the point will get him horny in no time, especially for your first text. Example: “Thinking about you and getting wet, what are you thinking about?”


    • Make it as graphic and detailed as possible. For this, you can build up with each new text you send such that the whole combination forms a beautiful description for him. While you do not need to spell out everything for him, make your comments thinly veiled, he will be able to fill in the gaps himself. Example: You have a day off and he has to go in for work, you can start with,”I am home all alone and it is hot so am not wearing any clothes”. Follow that up a few minutes later (15-20) with, “Bent over trying to fit all the clothes into the dryer”. While the message itself is about daily stuff, he is now stuck imagining you bent over naked, believe me, he will rise up. Keep going and give him snippets of your day with sexy twists, and for once, he will be home early.


    • For those who can not be creative by themselves, there is a reason you have to endure reading all those cheesy feel good romance novels, it is so you can borrow from its lines. Go through the romance book that turns you on the most and then find those lines that are particularly special, and text them to him. You may be surprised at the response they get from him and you will definitely like it. Always remember to make it related to what the two of you share, thus making it special. Example: “Stop by my place today, no talking, no preamble, just take me and make me beg for more!”


  • And a final tip, related to the warning in the first paragraph, do not for any reason promise on what you can not deliver. Most sexy texts revolve around either what you want to do with him, for him, or what you want him to do to you. It is therefore very important to only say that which you are comfortable performing instead of promising some poor sucker something that he is not going to get any time soon. Example: “If you want, I will suck and swallow tonight!” As already said, for only those who are willing to carry through.

The main idea in sexy texts to boyfriend is that, you want to make him hot even in your absence and make him want to come find you in a rush. It works well for those whose life has dulled up and they need to spice things up a bit. And thanks to technology, now one can send picture and video messages, so the sexy texting just got even raunchier. You can send multimedia messages of anything that your boyfriend is bound to find sexy, and lingerie either on or off is a favorite among many. Have fun making his day hot and highly uncomfortable.

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