How to Turn A Friend Into A Boyfriend?

It can happen to even the best of us where you start to see a good friend in a new light. Soon you are wondering how to turn a friend into a boyfriend. This of course you want to do in the least problematic way, maintaining your dignity and friendship at the same time.

Tips on how to turn a friend into a boyfriend

  • First, be certain that this is what you want, because there may be a degree of awkwardness and embarrassment related to it. If you are to preserve any semblance of a friendship then you have to be sure that you indeed are in love with your friend.
  • Having ascertained your feelings, it is now time to act on them. It is best that you do not abruptly change your behavior towards him but rather make it a gradual process. Start out by flirting a little no more than usual and build up gradually.
  • Touching is not rare among friends, but it is also a very good way of expressing that you like someone. Touch them softly and say nothing. For example: If you want them to turn to you, instead of calling to them, you can simply touch them with a light touch. It will surprise you how far these small touches will go in putting your message across. Alternatively, you can give him tight hugs, they are a pure wonder.
  • The eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul and right now you should use them to their full capacity. Look at him with all the love you feel, and do this every time you see him. Literally overwhelm him with your eyes allowing him to drown in them. If he did not like you before, this will get him to like you.
  • Try and exercise some decorum of patience. I know you may be frustrated by his non response at first, but remember you have been friends for a long time, and he may think that he is reading the signals wrong. You have to keep up your silent seduction for as long as possible until it becomes impossible for him to resist you and he acts on it.
  • Now in all honesty and sincerity, we have to accept that there are some men who are’blind’ and may never be able to read the silent signals right. If your friend whom you want to turn into a boyfriend is in this category, I would suggest that after trying everything else, then talk to him directly. Tell him how you feel about him and then wait for his response as calmly as possible. Do not however put the pressure on him to like you back because this may make being friends afterwards really hard, especially if he just does not feel the same way about you.
  • As a final tip, simply because you like him does not mean he likes you in that way too. So be prepared to deal with the possible rejection. You have to realize that love can not be forced and however hard he tries, if he does not feel that way then he does not. Do not think of it as a personal affront and think he is doing it deliberately. Put yourself in his position and remember how many nice guys have approached you but you could not get yourself to like them. It is not that there was something wrong with them, it is simply that you just did not like them.

You have to realize that turning a friend into a boyfriend once done is difficult to go back on. Should the relationship fail for whatever reason other than mutual understanding of incompatibility, you are most likely never going to be able to recapture your friendship and go back to the way things were before. So if you are doing this, make certain that you are ready to face the consequences. After all, you know that more than 50% of all relationships fail.

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