Know All About The Aquarius Woman In Love

The most beautiful, inventive and friendly people of all the zodiac signs are born between January 20 and February 18.

Aquarius Woman In Love

is forever seen trying out different things in life and love. She is funny, talkative, and easy going. She is a great friend and a faithful partner who puts others ahead of self. This moody, rebellious, and jealous

aquarius woman in love

can be caring, giving and a great friend too, who can confuse friendship with love.

Rebel Aquarian:

She believes in etching out a mark for herself, and to attain this she doesn’t mind breaking the societal rules, and the standard norms of life. An open minded person, she wouldn’t stop at anything, and keeps moving ahead in life, making everything else look dull and old fashioned.

Ambitious Aquarius Woman:

She is a highly ambitious woman, and a very uncompromising person. She has high set of standards for herself, and is forever thriving to achieve those. She needs to have a lot of her own space, freedom, and autonomy to function properly.

Caring Aquarius Woman:

She is a very honest, direct, straight forward, sensitive, forthcoming, intellectual and caring woman. She is very caring, sensitive to the needs of her family, near and dear ones. Her nature is helpful and she is willing to help anyone who is in need. She supports other people’s ideas, instead of imposing her own opinions. This broad-mindedness wins her many friends.

Not An Emotional Lover:

She looks for relationships that last forever but can easily move out of a relationship or marriage when she feels bored. This independent woman doesn’t like to be disrespected either. Generally loyal and faithful in relationships, but she is not a very emotional person. She hates being tied down, and fears long term commitments.

Get Her Intellectually:

The easiest way to win an aquarian woman’s heart is through intellectual debate. Impress her with your beliefs. Open up to her in the first meeting itself. Provoke her intelligent and analytical mind. You will surely win her. And the surest and the fastest way to lose her is to try and control her. Don’t cling to her. She needs and respects her freedom.

Negatives Of Aquarian Lady:

She is jealous, possessive, moody, unpredictable, unemotional, detached, stubborn, rigid, headstrong, willful, adamant, revolting, and disobedient.

Aquarius woman in love

is strong, charming, attractive and is highly compatible with the two other air signs, Libra and Gemini.

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