Naughty Coupon Ideas

Naughty Coupon Ideas
Love coupons are a good way to relax your partner and get them to have fun after a long stress filled day in the out side world. Naughty coupon ideas are what you are looking for if you intend to spice up your sex life as anything you come up with is bound to produce sexual tension and heat.

Here are some naughty coupon ideas that others have tried and seem to achieve their intended purpose.

  • One strip tease, this is bound to get anyone excited.
  • A lap dance just like strippers. This works best if either of you has had a fantasy like this before.
  • If you are adventurous enough, offer to make a sex video for you two.
  • Watch one porn movie together.
  • Send a naughty picture to your partner or receive whichever it is.
  • Have sex in your partner’s favorite position.
  • Be your partner’s slave for a day.
  • One massage with the possibility of a happy ending.
  • Go down on your partner, no questions asked.
  • Go skinny dipping together.
  • One back scratch.
  • Sex in a place of your partner’s choice, even if it is in a public place.
  • A night on the town like the good old days.
  • Kisses however and wherever your partner wants or likes.
  • Take a soak in the tub or a shower together.
  • One weekend of complete nudity, no clothes allowed.

Whatever naughty coupon ideas you come up with, just keep in mind that this is meant to be fun for you and your partner and so be sure to choose something that both you and your partner would love doing. For those who are not so creative themselves, there are tonnes of books and websites dedicated to love coupons, with a little effort you can browse through them and find what you are looking for.

By their very definition, they are naughty ideas, so do not be afraid to try out anything new or exciting as long as you are both interested. This is your best opportunity to tap into your fantasies.

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