Sagittarius Man in Love- Free Love!!!

People born under

Sagittarius (November 23rd to December 21st)

sun sign love their freedom. And

Sagittarius Man in Love

is not different in that respect. He will be full of surprises. Some times you might enjoy his unpredictable nature and the other times it might irritate you. He is a social animal so you will have lots of socializing to do. One thing this man is very possessive about is his freedom. You just cannot tie down the archer. It takes lot of effort to make him surrender to matrimony.

Sagittarius Man in Love- What to Expect?


  • This man is bubbling with enthusiasm and positivity. So, you will never lose that energy for life.
  • He likes cultured and well-educated women as his life partner.
  • He is very honest about love and usually loves with all the passion.
  • Your Sagittarius man will always be faithful to you if he feels that you are the one.
  • He has oodles of patience and will keep his cool during fights and arguments.
  • This man will not be today what he was yesterday and tomorrow will be the same story. Be ready to change with him.
  • He might get hurt because of his blind faith and unreasonable optimism.
  • Chances are he will have lots of affairs before he decides to settle down in life, which will be quite late.
  • He does not mind casual relationships. He might go for a few wild flings too.
  • Your archer will be very intelligent and will try to answer all your queries.
  • A Sagittarius man does not like it if his woman keeps a check on him. He loves his freedom and will not give it up for anything or anyone.
  • He will never cheat on you and expects the same of you. Just trust him.
  • This man is not at all diplomatic in his interactions. If you want an honest opinion ask a Sagittarius. He will tell you the truth right on your face.
  • You might get a little hurt by his blatant and brutal honesty.
  • But he has other very charming qualities like loving, caring and kind. He will make sure his partner gets whatever she needs.
  • This man is a little aloof and detached from his family. He has a casual relationship with his parents and siblings.
  • He loves to travel and would like his partner to be right next to him when he flies to different destination.
  • He is not the kind of romantic man a girl would want. But he will show his emotions in his way.


Best Matches for Sagittarius Man

  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Gemini

Worst Matches for Sagittarius Man

  • Taurus
  • Cancer
  • Virgo
  • Capricorn


Sagittarius man in love

is fun to be with if you too share his enthusiasm for adventure.

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